CIS 120 Test 1

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  1. screen saver
    program that causes a monitor to go blank or to display an animated design after a specified amount of idle time
  2. live tile
    content that is updated
  3. mouse
    most common pointing device
  4. charms bar
    appears when you point to the upper right or lower right corners of screen
  5. menu
    list or group of commands
  6. search menu
    provides access to certain applications, documents, settings, and much more
  7. folder
    is a container that helps you organize the contents of your computer
  8. recycle bin
    a folder for holding items that are deleted from your hard drive until you permanently delete them
  9. task bar
    strip at the bottom that contains buttons to give you quick access to common tools and running programs
  10. right clicking
    opens a shortcut menu
  11. keyboard shortcut
    means you press 1 or more keys on the keyboard to perform an action
  12. multitasking
    allows you to work on more than one task at a time and to switch quickly between projects
  13. dragging
    press and hold left mouse button while moving the mouse
  14. tab
    contains commands that perform a variety of related tasks
  15. group
    controls for related actions are organized on a tab into groups
  16. dialog box
    a special kind of window in which you enter or choose settings for how you want to perform a task
  17. pinning
    adding tiles to the start screen
  18. windows system
    desktop tools for working with the operating system, files, and folders
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