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  1. biodiversity
    the amount and variety of species in a certain area(rain forests, savannah...)

  2. protect
    to stop harm from reaching endangered species(wwf)
  3. biodiversity hotspot
    a spot where there is a lot of different species ( Georgian bay biosphere reserve)
  4. community
    all of the species and populations that interact in a certain area(praires)
  5. dominant species
    a species that has the biggest biomass in a community(primary producer)
  6. keystone species
    a species that an ecosystem depends on( sea otters)
  7. captive breeding
    breeding endangered areas in a closed in area to make sure that they can breed without hazards(breeding of black footed ferrets.)
  8. ecosystem engineer
    a species that alters there environment to fit their needs creating a new ecosystem(beavers)
  9. succession
    the changes that happen to an ecosystem that has been altered.(beaver ponds)
  10. habitat loss
    species losing a place to live because of the destruction of their homes.(draining of ponds)
  11. deforestation
    cutting down trees at a fast pace without replacing them(deforestation in Comoros)
  12. alien species
    species that aren't native to the habitat that they are introduced into(zebra mussels)
  13. invasive species
    species that take over and destroy an ecosystem that they are native to(round goby)
  14. overexploitation
    over using something till it's gone or close to gone(Cod)
  15. extinction
    the death of all of theĀ individuals in a species(passenger pigeonĀ )
  16. biodiversity crisis
    high rate of extinction(our current situation)
  17. restoration ecology
    to rebuild destroyed ecosystems through humans taking positive actions(replanting destroyed areas)
  18. reforestation
    replanting trees in areas that went through deforestation.(reforestation near lake Tahoe)
  19. Bio control
    using species to control to stop unwanted species from spreading( getting cats to stop the growing population of rats)
  20. bioremediation
    naturally cleaning up contaminated areas using organisms(plants cleaning up gasoline)
  21. bio augmentation
    adding nutrients to soils using plants(clovers on farm lands)

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