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  1. If can SPG is "Returned" with "Worker Protection Grounds applied", is it "Ready for Service"? What needs to be done to the mimic?
    The "Ready for Service" box can be checked "Yes" in this case since the status of Grounds is independent of the "Ready for Service" condition.'
  2. Can an SPG be "Returned" with grounds applied and "Ready for Service"? Isn't this a contradiction?
    According to PSSP this is not a contradiction. The status of grounds is independent of the equipment being "Ready for Service".
  3. Situation: An SPG is "Returned" with grounds applied and "Ready for Service". The holder no longer has his guarantee that the zone will remain de-energized. Can the SPG tags be removed so that the SPG can be completed?
    No, the tags must remain in place so that the zone is not energized with grounding applied.
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