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  1. today first hosts
    Dave Garroway Paired with J. Fred Muggs At the end of every show, Garroway held up his hand and said “Peace” - his trademark
  2. today host timeline
    Dave Garroway - John Chancellor - Hugh Downs - Barbara Walters (“TODAY Girl” who broke the mold in “a victory of brains over mannequin beauty”) - Tom Brokaw - Bryant Gumbel (Gumbel/Pauley Team) -Katie Couric/Gumbel - Matt Lauer/Couric - Lauer/Meredith Vieira - Lauer/Ann Curry - Lauer/Savannah Guthrie
  3. what people called the today show
    weaver's folly
  4. nbc radio central
    boc in 1996
  5. msnbc first launched
    july 15, 1996
  6. msnbc moved to 30 rock
    october 2007
  7. previous shows in 3B
    The Doctors, TODAY, Dateline, Election Night 2000, Your Total Health with Hoda Kotb
  8. studio 6a old shows
    Break the Bank, That Was the Week That Was, Late Night with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Dr. Oz, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Meredith Vieira Show
  9. studio 6B old shows
    Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater, Broadway Open House, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour, The Jack Paar Tonight Show
  10. Milton Berle dubbed
    “Mr. Television,” he and his show were responsible for a remarkable rise in the sale of TV sets
  11. tonight show hosts
    Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon
  12. Tiny Tim’s Wedding
    in Studio 6B drew 4 million viewers
  13. studio 8G old shows
    Philco Television Playhouse, Goodyear Playhouse, The Alcoa Hour, Concentration, Jeopardy, The TODAY Show, Donahue, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, The Caroline Rhea Show, The Jane Pauley Show, The Greatest American, Football Night in America
  14. late night hosts
    David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers
  15. studio 8h previous shows
    Live from Studio 8H, 1948 Election Headquarters, Space Command Center, What’s My Liner?, Bride and Groom, The Match Game, Sale of the Century
  16. history of nbc
    Nation’s first broadcast network, Founded by David Sarnoff, general manager of RCA Inaugural broadcast on November 15, 1926 from ballroom of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Two radio networks: Red and Blue (became ABC) TODAY was the first early morning news program Tonight Show was first successful late night show, First to broadcast a program in color in 1953
  17. important years
    1986: GE acquired RCA (and NBC) 1989: CNBC 1996: MSNBC 2002: Bravo + Telemundo 2004: NBC acquired Universal Studios 2011: NBC Universal acquired by Comcast
  18. logo 1943
    NBC Microphone Set against a background of lightning bolts communicating that TV would have all of radio’s immediacy and excitement
  19. logo 1954
    Xylophone with letters N, B, C Reference to “bing-bong-bing” chimes heard first on NBC radio in 1927
  20. logo 1956
    Brightly colored Peacock Pushing the color TV
  21. logo 1959
    “NBC” stacked typographic animated logo
  22. logo 1975
    Blue/Red N
  23. 1980 logo
    merging of N and the bird
  24. 1986 logo
    New peacock with 6 feathers News, Sports, Entertainment, Television Stations, Television Network, Operations and Technical Services
  25. ralph l roberts
    purchased American Cable Systems (founder)
  26. Comcast Corporation: combination of
    “Communication” and “Broadcast”
  27. current chairman and ceo of comcast
    brian l roberts
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