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  1. Max Ramp
  2. Max Landing
  3. Minimum flight weight
  4. Max zero fuel
  5. V mo 0-8000
  6. V mo 8000-27000
  7. M mo
  8. V mcg
    81 kts
  9. V mca
    90 kts
  10. V mcL
    92 kts
  11. V fe 7&15
  12. V fe 35
  13. V LE & LO
  14. V LR
  15. Max operating altitude
  16. Max altitude take off and land
  17. Max temperature
    ISA +39
  18. Max demonstrated Crosswynd
    24 kts
  19. Minimum temperature
    -54 Celsius
  20. Name all the hydraulic systems
    Breaks gear thrust reversers speedbrakes flaps and stab
  21. How is the T0 probe heated and what receives its information
    Electrically heated and gives information to the EEC
  22. How is the T1 probe heated and what receives its information
    Bleed air heated and information to ITT
  23. The TTO probe gives information to what
    fuel control unit
  24. what systems does the nitrogen bottle provide back up for
    breaks and gear
  25. what types of seals are on the air stair door
    bleed air seal and crush seal
  26. How many pins are in the air stair
  27. how many seconds does it take for the stab to move all the way up
    22 seconds
  28. How many fire extinguishers inside the plane and where are they located
    two. Under the copilot seat and behind the left aft passenger seat
  29. after shutting down engines how long should you wait to turn off battery
    30 seconds
  30. what does the GCU do
    Protects, parallels, regulates(under/over)
  31. what happens when you pull the emergency gear handle extension
    first it releases up locks, then you turn handle 45° to the right to lineup the pins, then you pull again to lock down gear with air
  32. Bleed air is always heating what two items
    Spinner and T1 probe
  33. what conditions will cause
    the airplane to go into emergency pressurization mode
    If selected in-flight, cabin altitude above 14,500, ACM overheat,loss of power to normal system
  34. Where does emergency pressurization bleed air come from
    left engine at 400° and 44 pounds of pressure
  35. When does the avionics cooling fan come on
    automatically due to temperature
  36. How is the ACM cooled on the ground
    it has its own fan for ground use
  37. How do you set the airplane in high altitude mode and what two things happen
    You set it in high altitude mode by choosing Landing field elevation between 8000 and 14,000. This resets cabin from 10 to 14,000 for "cabin alt high" message and minimizes time spent above 8000ft
  38. what is isobaric mode,and how do you know you're in it
    When you have lost automatic pressurization you are in isobaric mode. Yellow light
  39. What happens at 62% TLA or 82% N2
    The plane begins to pressurize. Outflow valve closes
  40. what causes outflow valve to open automatically on the ground
    Squat switch
  41. What size oxygen bottle
    76 cubic
  42. When do the mask in back automatically deploy. What altitude are they rated for
    Automatically deploy at 14,500. Rated up to 25,000 feet
  43. What turns on the 10 minute lights
    5G switch and loss of DC power
  44. N2 must be above what percentage for boots to work
  45. N2 must be above what percentage for wings to be heated
  46. how long is the boot cycle on The horizontal stabilizer and what is the sequence
    three minutes total. 6 seconds on first side ,6 seconds off, 6 seconds other side then 2 minutes 42 seconds off
  47. minimum battery temperature for start
    -10 Celsius
  48. The bleed off valve is powered how in normal mode
  49. The bleed off valve is powered how in emergency mode
  50. what is normal windshield heat temperature
    110 Fahrenheit
  51. What temperature does the windshield overheat
  52. what items are only accessory gearbox
    Oil pump assembly, hydraulic pump, starter generator, engine driven feel pump, N2 sensor
  53. what is the main purpose of EEC(electronic engine control)
    To set N1 based on TLA
  54. how many spray nozzles
  55. when do the igniters come on in normal mode
    During start and when anti-ice is on
  56. What does it mean when you get an armed light on TR
    Isolation valve is open
  57. What does it mean when you get an unlocked light On TR
    There has been some movement in actuator
  58. What happens to the thrust reversers in emergency stow
    They are stowed using hydraulics
  59. when do you preflight thrust reversers
    first flight of the day, if you need them for performance credit, out of maintenance
  60. Which fuel tank is used for the APU. How many pounds of gas per hour
    right tank at 100lbs per hr
  61. if APU fail light stays on, one of two things have happened?
    fire bottle is low or there is a fault with the ECU
  62. after start of the APU how long should you wait to turn on bleed air
    Two minutes
  63. APU start limitations
    nine per hour
  64. At what temperature will the fire bottles thermally discharge
  65. Where are the fire bottles
    above rear luggage compartment
  66. What happens when you lift the fire cover and press the button
    fuel is turned off, hydraulics are turned off, generator is turned off, thrust reversers off, arms both bottles
  67. what type of fire protection is on the engine
    loop protection with wire in center
  68. What type of fire protection is on the APU
    Loop fire protection with gas in center
  69. Minimum and maximum fuel temperature
  70. at what rate does fuel crossfeed
    900 pounds per hour
  71. how many capacitance fuel probes per side
  72. how many fuel sumps per side
  73. What items Will give a no take off configuration
    Speed brakes,flaps,horz stab
  74. If speed brakes are extended and you lose hydraulics what will happen
    They will remain extended until you select retract and then they will trail
  75. What do strakes do
    keep the tail from wagging
  76. what is the v ref on AOA
  77. Which forms of pressurization require DC power
    Auto and dump
  78. an amber light in the top left corner of pressurization controller means what
    Isobaric mode
  79. altitude and speed limitations in emergency stow mode
    200kts and 31,000 ft
  80. What is batt. Disconnect for
    Start stuck , batt over temp
  81. describe the 2 hydrolic systems
    • Brakes and gear in closed system with accumulator
    • All others on open system.(on demand)
  82. how many ways to turn off auto pilot and what are they
    4-Red button, trim, yaw damp, back up pitch trim
  83. what do Fowler flaps do
    • Increase wing
    • area and increase lift
  84. minimum fuel for landing VFR
    1800 lbs
  85. What information is in the a AFM
    Performance, legal weight and balance, certification data
  86. Radar altimeter comes on and off at what altitude
    2500 AGL
  87. When do v speeds go away
    230 kn
  88. If you see IGN what does that mean
    Getting power to the box
  89. What is the purpose of EEC
    Reduce compressor stalls. Optimize N1 and n2, put detents in place
  90. How soon on start up should you have ITT
    • Within 10 seconds 
    •  A no light off has occurred or gauge is broke
  91. When must you have n1  on start up
    Before 25% of N2
  92. Max N1 temp
    on start
  93. Ground ideal
    and flight ideal (N2)
    47 and 51
  94. Max oil consumption
    1 quart per 10 hours
  95. When does emergency pressurization happen
    Cabin above 14,500, ACM overheat,  if switch is put in that position
  96. If you get a wing or bleed overheat what valve closes automatically
    Anti-ice valve
  97. Operating limits in take off. Time, Max ITT, N2,N1, Oil pressure, oil temperature
    Five minutes, 720, 101.8, 100,         45–140, 10 – 121
  98. Operating limits in maximum continuous. 
     Time, Max ITT,N2,N1, Oil pressure, oil temperature
    Continuous, 720, 101.8, 100, 45–140, 10–121
  99. Operating limits in  ground idle / flight idle. Time, Max ITT,N2,N1, Oil pressure,  Oil temperature
    Continuous, na,  47 / 51, 25-140,      -40-121
  100. Operating limits during start. 
     Max ITT, minimum oil temperature
  101.  720, -40
  102. Transient operating limitations, 20 seconds. Max ITT, N2, N1
    760, 103, 102
  103. Transition  altitude
  104. What type of engines and rated output.
    PW545A, 3800lbs thrust
  105. Max oil  capacity
    7.5 quarts
  106. Starter limitations
    Three starts in 30 minutes with a 90  Second rest in between
  107. Autopilot minimal use height
    In route 1000 feet, precision approach 180 feet, non-precision approach 300 feet
  108. If autopilot fails diagnostic test what are the limitations
    Max altitude 14,500
  109. Max altitude 14,500 Thrust reverser limitations
    Wet runway 75 feet , reverse thrust power to idle 60 kn on landing roll , three minute deployment during any 10 minute period, prohibited Deering touch and go, prohibited to back plane, limited to 30 seconds with APU running.
  110. Minimum temperature for tail boot operation.
    Minimum temperature for tail boot operation is -35c RAT
  111. Engine failure or fire during takeoff below V1
    Breaks, throttles, reversers , speed breaks
  112. Engine failure or fire above V1
    Maintain directional control, Vr rotate, positive rate gear up, V2 FLC, climb to level off altitude
  113. Engine fire light
    Affected throttle idle, if light remains on engine fire switch push, bottle armed light push
  114. Engine failure during final approach
    Autopilot trim disconnect, increased power own good engine, maintain  autopilot trim disconnect, increased power own good engine, maintain Vapp min,flaps no more than 15°
  115. Maximum glide speed
    135 knots
  116. Inadvertent thrust reverser  deployment on take off.  Above V1
    Emergency stow, affected engine idle, rotate Vr, positive rate gear up, climb V2 safe altitude
  117. Thrust reverser in advertent deployment in flight.
    Autopilot disconnect, emergency stow,throttles to idle, airspeed below 140
  118. Thrust reverser unlock light  in flight
    Emergency stow,check thrust reverser her position
  119. Cabin altitude hi
    Mask on, Mike on, emergency  descent
  120. Emergency descent
    Mask on, Mike on, ignitions on, throttles idle, speed breaks, autopilot off, pitch down 20°
  121. Battery over  temperature
    Note amps, battery switch emergency, amperage note decrease
  122. Emerg.  Evacuation
    Parking break, throttles cut off, fire switches push, fire bottles push, APU off, battery off
  123. Tire pressures
    Main 218, nose 135
  124. Max tire speed
  125. Autopilot limitation
    When engaged one pilot must be at the controls
  126. Max generator load in air
    300, 450 up to two minutes in emergency
  127. How long can battery power emergency bus
    30 minutes
  128. Maximum fuel pounds
  129. Fuel burn per hour
    2001st hour, 1500 thereafter
  130. Max fuel gallons total
  131. Maximum fuel imbalance
    400 normal, 800 emergency
  132. How many vortex generators can  be missing, and what is the limitation
    Three can be missing, limited to 41,000 feet
  133. How many total static wicks, and how many can be missing
    Three, none from control surface, no two in a row
  134. What items must be operational before flight.
    Autopilot , Rudder bias, fire detection and  protection, antiskid,
  135. when icing conditions are present on the ground how often must engine anti-ice be turned on.
    15 seconds every four minutes
  136. Battery bus live items
    entryway lights, cabin lights, baggage compartment lights, tailcone lights, external lav  servicing, APU oil check light
  137. Which valves fail open if DC power is lost
    Engine bleed heat, wing bleed air, fuel motive Flo, hydraulic bypass, speedbrake safety valves
  138. Which valves fail closed if DC power lost
    Emergency pressurization, bleed off valve, when you bleed air crossflow
  139. How many standby batteries. Where and what do they power
    Four total. Left nose compartment jet pack, standby attitude, standby HSI. Right knows compartment  AHRS, two 10 minute lights
  140. Describe AC power sources
    Alternator  for windshield heat, electroluminescent lighting, AC outlets
  141. If DC power is lost what valve defaults to current position.
    Fuel crossfeed
  142. When is engine fire detection and prevention not available.
    When battery is in the emergency or off position
  143. When is APU fire protection available.
    Anytime the APU master switch is on
  144. If you loose either ADC what do you also loose.
    Pressurization  Controller auto mode
  145. What two things must you have for  pressurization controller to work .
    2 ADC and  normal DC power
  146. Which IAC will cause a loss of autopilot
  147. Max G's with flaps up
    -1.2 to 3.0
  148. Max G's any flap down position.
    0 to 2
  149. Rudder and Aileron are interconnected.
    Which drives the other
    Rudder drives ailerons
  150. Name some items on the squat switch
    AOA heat, Rosemont Probe heat,hobbs meter ,outflow valve,prevention of cross Gen start in air, erasing CVR
  151. When will the stall warning horn go off.
    • Below 70% N2  and flaps more than 15. 
    •  Below 70% N2  and valid radar altimeter indicates less than 500 feet AGL,
  152. What items used 23 psi bleed air
    Door,  throttle detents, outflow valve, boots
  153. What hydraulic system gets priority
  154. If someone inhales halon what should you do.
    Turn them upside down
  155. How do you revert MFD two PFD
    Turn down brightness knob on PFD till it clicks off
  156. What is section 7 in the AFM about
    Contaminated runway
  157. Windsheer escape procedure
    10 degree initial pitch up and then whatever it takes to stop dissent. Don't retract anything
  158. What three things must  you have to restart an engine
    N1 and N2 and any oil pressure
  159. How does the wing heat
    cross flow valve fail
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