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  1. monday
    pitch meeting
  2. Tuesday:
    Start to write sketches, promos taped with guest host
  3. wednesday
    Read-through, best 12 sketches are selected
  4. thursday
    Musical guest camera blocks/rehearses, cast begins to rehearse, promos are taped with the musical guest
  5. friday
    Sets are brought in from Brooklyn and assembled, host/cast rehearse all day/night
  6. saturday
    9am rehearsal to dress, Dress from 8pm-10pm, 11:30pm live show 30 minutes are cut from the show by Lorne and producers
  7. Dave Grohl
    holds the musical guest record with 12 appearances
  8. most hosting times
    Alec Baldwin: 16x, Steve Martin: 15x, John Goodman: 13x
  9. current cast
  10. five drawings
    al hirschfeld
  11. boc
    Digital and tape-less format. Transmission: First place IN Monitors feeds, remotes, studios. Window is bullet-resistant. BOC: controls schedule for programs, special reports, live events, commercials. Skypath: final place OUT Controls distribution of content to affiliates and monitors health of our signal/uplinks
  12. transmission
    First place in for ALL audio/video signals for 90% of the network. 180 possible feeds. Color bars: test signals. All equipment in the transmit chain is redundant
  13. Genesis
    automation system that drives NBCU and Telemundo networks Run on two identical sets of equipment
  14. boc can broadcast up to
    9 live, completely different programs at the same time
  15. Sectionals:
    specific ads based on regions/prices, Aired for particular markets
  16. UPS
    Uninterruptible Power Supply NYC Blackout Story August 14, 2003 Unaffected by the blackout Lights/cameras shut off in the studios
  17. skypath
    network programming is launched from east coast by means of satellite dishes located across Sixth Avenue on top of the Fox News Building WNBC transmits its signal to the tri-state area from the Empire State Building, Grey/white monitor called a Spectrum Analyzer (shows strength of signal for each transponder), Bad weather-4 network signals sent to Burbank by C-Band satellite and then up-linked from a satellite transmitter from Burbank
  18. affiliates
    238 affiliates
  19. 10 nbc owned stations
    NYC (WNBC) San Diego (KNSD) Los Angeles (KNBC) Washington, D.C. (WRC)  Dallas/Fort Worth (KXAS) Philadelphia (WCAU)
  20. NBC owns and operates 15
    Telemundo stations
  21. NBC broadcasts across 32
    32 affiliate stations
  22. Owned Stations and local affiliates produce their own
    news programs and purchase syndicated programs like Ellen, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy
  23. 5 Control Rooms:
    71, 72, 8H, 74, 6B, 6A, etc.
  24. Bob Greenblatt –
    Chairman, NBC Entertainment
  25. Andrew Lack –
    Chairman, NBC News & MSNBC
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