Mirbaha Q's and Alice

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  1. what are three types of endocytosis
    • pinocytosis
    • phagocytosis
    • receptor mediated cytosis
  2. heparan sulfate proteoglycans
    glycoproteins with 2-3 heparin sulfate chains attached to cell surface and extracellular matrix (tau fibrils can bind, triggering intracellular fibril aggregation)
  3. how do heparin bind?
    • heparin binds tau and prevents its interaction with heparin moieties of HSPGs
    • glycosaminoglycan
    • anticoagulant
  4. sonification
    • create more oligomeric forms
    • sound waves to agitate particles
  5. hek293
    • human embryonic kidney cells, easy to grow and transfect
    • expression of recombinant proteins (recomb tau)
  6. what are luciferase
    oxidative enzymes used to create bioluminescence
  7. split luciferase
    • two luciferase fragments are nonfunctional individually but when connected can create bioluminescence.
    • if fragments are on separate particles, this can be used to detect when particles are interacting with each other.
  8. chlorate
    HSPG sulfation
  9. why was tau concentration and fluorescence showed together
    as protein concentration increased, so did tau
  10. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
    • measures the fluctuations of fluorescent signal intensity
    • confirm SEC was accurate in identifying tau oligomer sizes
    • det size and concentration
  11. flow cytometry
    laser based, depending on light scattering (analyzed with computer) to obtain cell sorting, cell counting, biomarker detection
  12. seeding?
    seeds=tau assemblies with ability to cause aggregation inside cells
  13. tauopathies
    neurodegenerative diseases related to aggregation of tau protein.
  14. how are tau aggregates brought into cell?
  15. diff between macro and micropinocytosis
    • macropinocytosis: nonselective uptake of molecules, forms macropinosomes
    • micropinocytosis: mediated by clathrin coated vesicles and other vesicles
  16. PFA
    tau would dissociate into monomers when undergoing ionization, but insolubility of PFA keeps selected subjects of oligomers bound to each other during mass spec.
  17. polyvalency
    having more than one site of attachment.
  18. BCA
    • measures protein content
    • protein concentration increase, absorbance increases
  19. how to isolate BD tau?
  20. papain and DNAseI
    • papine protease used for cell dissociation to study neurons (leaves cells viable)
    • DNAseI (digest DNA)
  21. pRK172
    bacteria expression vector, used to introduce foreign genetic material into host DNA
  22. what word does Alice forgets in lecture?
  23. what was the topic Alice forgets in lecture?
  24. beth
    dan's wife, red dress, Alice forgets
  25. how did Alice test her own memory
    choosing words from dictionary to remember
  26. aricept (Donepezil)
    • boosts cholinergic functioning
    • acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
  27. what are definitive diagnosis for AD
    histology of brain tissue (autopsy or biopsy)
  28. namenda (memantine)
    • acts on glutamatergic system by blocking NMDA receptors
    • overactivity initially leads to excitotoxicity
  29. acetylcholine
    important in learning and memory
  30. what did Alice's father die of
    cirrhosis (liver failure)
  31. what mutation was alice pos for
  32. name of mom, sister and dad
    louise, anne, peter daly
  33. what kind of medications was alice taking?
    statin (cholesterol lowering), aricpet, namenda, antioxidant vitamins, aspirin
  34. AD more quickly felt by which group and which group lives longer?
    early onset, but early onset lives longer
  35. amylix
    bind soluble amyloid beta and prevent its aggregation
  36. intravenous immunoglobin (IVIg therapy)
    • derived from donated plasma blood
    • obtain antibodies that neutralize pathogens
    • some antibody in patients will be effective against bad antigens in AD patients
  37. where does Alice find Moby Dick?
    in microwave
  38. what does her knowing how to swirl wine say?
    retains automatic memory, perceptual part is intact
  39. picaresque
    long adventure that teaches the hero lessons
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