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  1. Ben earned $1600 working at Winn Dixie.  If he worked for 40 weeks and earned the same amount of money each week, how much did he earn per week?
  2. Mr. Dion is building a fence that will be 480 yards in length.  What length of fence must he finish each hour if he needs to complete the job in 80 hours?
    6 yards
  3. The 32 members of the Spanish Club bought T-shirts at the beginning of the school year. The total cost was $240.  What is the best estimate for the cost of each T-shirt?
  4. Which of the following would be the best estimate for 1920 ÷ 59?
     a.  1200 ÷ 60              
     b.  1800 ÷ 60            
     c.  2400 ÷ 60
    b.  1800 ÷ 60
  5. A box contains 2,000 books.  If each class receives 50 books, how many classes receive books?
    40 classes
  6. A group of 136 students is taking a field trip. One bus is needed for every 60 students.  How many buses are needed?
    3 buses
  7. The Bonnette family is taking a train on vacation.  The train trip is 780 miles.  Their train's speed averages 60 miles an hour.  How many hours will their trip be?
    13 hours
  8. There are 12 inches in a foot.  How many feet are in 96 inches?
    8 feet
  9. A school ordered 336 pencils.  If the pencils come in boxes of 48, how many boxes did the school order?
    7 boxes
  10. A truck travels 1500 miles in 30 hours, going the same distance each hour.  How many miles does the truck travel each hour?
    50 miles
  11. Callum and his family went on a vacation to Utah.  They traveled 1200 miles in 20 hours.  How fast were they traveling?
    60 mph  (miles per hour)
  12. Aaron and his family went on a vacation to California.  They traveled 2800 miles in 7 hours.  How fast were they traveling?
    400 mph  (miles per hour)
  13. Hannah and her mom traveled to Texas.  They drove 300 miles in 6 hours without stopping. How fast were they traveling?
    50 mph  (miles per hour)
  14. The school purchased 48 Dance Team t-shirts for $532.  About how much did each shirt cost?
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