Spanish verbs

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  1. enviar
    to send
  2. llamar
    to call
  3. llevar
    to wear
  4. odiar
    to hate
  5. tocar
    to touch or play an instrument
  6. tomar
    to take/grab/have
  7. amar
    to love
  8. cocinar
    to cook
  9. estudiar
    to study
  10. trabajar
    to work
  11. hablar
    to talk
  12. mirar
    to look
  13. caminar
    to walk
  14. bailar
    to dance
  15. cenar
    to have dinner
  16. comprar
    to buy
  17. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  18. ir
    to go
  19. estar
    to be/feel (not permanent)
  20. ser
    to be (more permanent)
  21. hacer
    to make/do
  22. comer
    to eat
  23. gustar
    to like
  24. aprender
    to learn
  25. beber
    to drink
  26. comprender
    to understand
  27. correr
    to run
  28. leer
    to read
  29. vender
    to sell
  30. vivir
    to live
  31. abrir
    to open
  32. escribir
    to write
  33. recibir
    to receive

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Spanish verbs
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Verbs estar

Spanish verbs
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