Latin Chapter 7 vocabulary

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  1. amor, amōris
    love (masculine)
  2. cīvitās, cīvitātis
    state, citizenship (female)
  3. homō, hominis
    human being, man (masculine)
  4. littera, litterae
    a letter of the alphabet (female)
  5. mōs, mōris
    habit, custom, manner (masculine)
  6. nōmen, nōminis
    name (neuter)
  7. rēgīna, rēgīnae
    queen (female)
  8. tempus, temporis
    time; occasion, opportunity (neuter)
  9. uxor, uxōris
    wife (female)
  10. virtūs, virtūtis
    manliness, courage; excellence, character, worth, virtue (female)
  11. post (+acc.)
    after, behind
  12. audeō, audēre, ausus sum
    to dare
  13. carmen, carminis
    song, poem (neuter)
  14. corpus, corporis
    body (neuter)
  15. labor, labōris
    labor, work, toil; a work, production (masculine)
  16. litterae, litterārum
    a letter (epistle), literature (female)
  17. mōrēs, mōrum
    habits, morals, character (masculine)
  18. pāx, pācis
    peace (female)
  19. rēx, rēgis
    king (masculine)
  20. terra, terrae
    earth, ground, land, country (female)
  21. virgō, virginis
    maiden, virgin (female)
  22. novus, nova, novum
    new; strange
  23. sub
    (+abl. w/ verbs of rest or +acc. w/ verbs of motion) under, up under, close to, down to/into, to/at the foot of
  24. necō, necāre, necāvī, necātum
    to murder, kill

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