Health 8

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  1. What is 1 characteristic of good mental health?
    good self-concept
  2. Body Image is
    how you feel about your body
  3. Problem solving skills are part of... (Health Triangle)
    Mental Health
  4. Values are
    something you strongly believe in
  5. Anorexia Nervosa is when
    someone doesn't eat enough
  6. The best person to stop a bullying incident is
    the bystanders
  7. paraphrasing is
    saying something back in your own words
  8. Eustress is
    Good stress
  9. I messages are used
    to resolve a conflict without putting the other person down
  10. The sides of a wellness triangle should be
  11. Peer pressure is
    positive and negative
  12. What has the greatest impact on your health?
    Your choices and behavior
  13. Body language is the best type of
    non verbal communication
  14. Self-esteem is
    how you feel about yourself
  15. The emotional part of your brain is called
    the limbic system
  16. The smart part of your brain is called
    the prefrontal cortex
  17. What are the 3 types of stress?
    Eustress, distress, and Anxiety
  18. What can you do to reduce distress and improve eustress?
    you can set goals, make decisions, and resolve conflicts
  19. What are the 3 sides of a wellness triangle?
    Mental, physical, and social health
  20. Who are 3 people that contribute to self concept?
    Family, Media, and Friends
  21. What are some stressors?
    Homework, quiz and test grades
  22. How is social tolerance different than empathy?
    Social tolerance is respecting other's differences and empathy is imagining how someone is feeling.
  23. How do values fit into self esteem?
    The closer you live to your values, the happier you will be.
  24. Bulimia Nervosa is
    binge and purge
  25. Binge Eating is
    binge but don't purge
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