Saif Ecology chapter 3

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  1. protect
    To guard a specific species under the endangered,threatened,and is of special concern category legally against various threats and harms.
  2. Dominant Species
    Species that are so abundant that they account for the largest biomass among all the other species within that community.
  3. Community
    All the populations of different organisms that interact with one another in a specific area or ecosystem.
  4. Biodiversity Hotspot
    An area where the population of a specific species is exceptionally large in a relitavely small area.
  5. Biodiversity
    The number and variety of different organisms. This includes members of different species within a specific area as well as the number and variety of ecosystems within and beyond that region.
  6. Keystone Species
    Species that have a very important role in an ecosystem, they can greatly affect the population numbers and well-being of an ecosystem.
  7. Ecosystem Engineers
    Species that alter their environment to such an extent that it creates a new ecosystem.
  8. Captive Breeding
    The breeding of rare and endangered species in very controlled settings to incease that species population size.
  9. Habitat Loss
    The destruction of a habitat (usually is due to human interference)
  10. Succession
    The change that occurs within an ecosystem over time, following a disturbance.
  11. Deforestation
    Deforestation is when a forest is cleared for logging or other human activities, and never is replanted.
  12. Alien Species
    Foreign species that are introduced within a new location, whether deliberately of accidentally.
  13. Invasive Species
    • A species that takes over the habitat of antive species.
    • E.g the Zebra Mussel in the great lakes.
  14. Overexploitation
    When a resource is so overly used that it becomes obsolete and depleted.
  15. Extinction
    • The death of all individuals of a species.
    • E.g. The wholly mammoth, dodo, passenger pigeon, Tasmanian tiger, etc
  16. Biodiversity crisis
    The current accelerated rate of extinction.
  17. Stewardship
    The idea that us humans have an active responsibility towards the well fare of the environment.
  18. Restoration Ecology
    • The restoration of a destroyed ecosystem by the necessary human interventions.
    • E.g. restoring a forest
  19. Reforestation
    The regrowth of a forest. This can be achieved through a natural process or through planting seeds in the area where the forest was cutdown
  20. Biocontrol
    • When species are used as a means to control the population of an undesirable species.
    • E.g. use of the parasitoid¬†fly to control the population of the European gypsy moth
  21. Bioremediation
    • When living organisms re used to clean up a contaminated area naturally.
    • E.g. when toxic resistant plants are placed in a contaminated area to soak up the toxins
  22. Bioaugmentation
    • When organisms are used to add essential nutrients to depleted soil.
    • E.g. Clovers planted to replenish nitrogen levels in the soils
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