Bony terms

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  1. Ala
    A wing - sacrum, ilium
  2. Condyle
    • Rounded knob-like projection of knuckle
    • femur, tibia
  3. Cornu
    • A horn
    • hyoid bone or coccyx
  4. Crest
    • Narrow ridge of bone
    • ilium or ischium
  5. Epicondyle
    • Bony projection on or above a condyle
    • femur, humerus
  6. Malleolus
    • Small hammer or rounded bony prominence
    • distal fibula, tibia
  7. Process
    • Any definite or marked bony prominence
    • mastoidaarea, occiput
  8. Spine / Spinous process
    • Sharp, slender process
    • vertebra, ischium
  9. Styloid process
    • Sharp, slender process
    • temporal bone, ulna, radius
  10. Trochanter
    • Very large rounded process
    • femur
  11. Tubercle
    • Small rounded process
    • humerus
  12. Tuberosity
    • Large rounded process
    • radius, ulna, tibia
  13. Fovea
    • Small pit or depression
    • femur, vertebral body
  14. Facet
    • Smooth articular surface
    • vertebrae, ribs
  15. Os
    A bone
  16. Ossicle
    Little bone
  17. Ossify
    To form bone
  18. Ossification
    Formation of bone
  19. Calcification
    • A deposit of calcium, usually not within bony tissues.
    • Not the formation of bone.
  20. Achondroplasia
    • Imperfect ossification of cartilage of long bones during fetal life.
    • Also called rickets.
    • Long bones develop curved and short.
  21. Brodie's Abcess
    Infection in the spongy tissue of a long bone, with small inflammatory area.
  22. Craniotomy
    Any surgery that requires cutting through the bones that surround the brain.
  23. Necrosis
    • Death of tissue or organs.
    • In the case of bone, due to deprivation of blood supply to bone.
    • Could result from:
    •   Fracture
    •   Extensive removal of periosteum in surgery
    •   Exposure to radioactive substances
    •   Other causes
  24. Osteitis
    Inflammation or infection of bone.
  25. Osteoarthritis
    Degenerative condition of bone and joint.
  26. osteoblastoma
    Benign tumor of the osteoblasts.
  27. Osteochondroma
    Benign tumor of bone and cartilage.
  28. Osteoma
    Benign bone tumor.
  29. Osteomyelitis
    • Infection that involves bone marrow.
    •   ( myel = marrow )
  30. Osteosarcoma
    Malignant tumor composed of osseous tissue.
  31. Pott's disease
    • Inflamation of the backbone.
    • Caused by the microorganism that produces tuberculosis.
  32. Articular surface
    Ends of bones forming a joint
  33. Articular cartilages
    Cartilage that covers articular bone ends
  34. Joint Cavity
    Space within the capsule
  35. Articular capsule
    membrane that surrounds the joint
  36. Ligament
    Fibrous tissue that attaches bone to bone
  37. Bursa
    • Closed sack of synovial tissue that lies between a muscle or tendon and bone.
    • Contains lubricating fluid to help decrease friction.
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