CHE107 Chapter 1

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  1. Period
    Horizontal row on periodic table
  2. Group
    • vertical row on periodic table
    • show similarities in chemical properties
  3. in which directions does metallic character increase on the PT?
    Metallic character INCREASES as you go left and down.
  4. Group 1A
    Alkali metals

    react rapidly with water to form alkaline solution and hydrogen gas
  5. Group 2A
    Alkaline earth metals
  6. Group 7A
    • Halogens
    • Corrosive
    • Salt formers
  7. Group 8A
    Nobler/inert gases
  8. Volume equivalent of cm3
    1 cm3 = 1 mL
  9. intensive properties
    values that are independent of the amount of matter present
  10. Extensive properties
    Properties for which the values are proportional to the amount of matter present
  11. Accuracy
    Close to the correct value
  12. Precise
    Measurements that are close to each other
  13. Significant figures
    • 1. Non-zero numbers are always significant
    • 2. Zeros between non-zero numbers are significant
    • 3. Zeros before the first non-zero digit are not significant (.0003 has one sig fig)
    • 4. Zeros at the end of a number and after a decimal place are significant.
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