HWST Unit 1

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  1. Nation
    a large aggregate of people united by common decent, history, culture, in a large country
  2. culture
    stories and sense of history, language, religion, rituals of daily life, arts and creativity, rituals of continuity
  3. Colonialism
    the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial control over another countryUniversal Declaration of Human Rights
  4. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Created in the 1947 after WWII, it states articles which clearly outline basic human rights such as freedom from torture and slavery.
  5. Self-determination
    a country determines its own statehood and forms own allegiances and government
  6. UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    Discusses the rights of native people to protect their lands and resources, and to maintain their unique cultures and traditions, formalized by the UN.
  7. Oceania
    a region centered on the islands of the tropical pacific
  8. Interdependence
    a mutual dependence between things-countries
  9. Tahi
    people from the sea
  10. Hōkūpa‘a
    northstar, immovable star
  11. Manu Kū
    dove, rock or wild pidgeon
  12. Kū`ula
    any stone used to attract fish; fish God; named for god of fisherman
  13. Kumulipo
    a foundation, geneology
  14. Mo`okū`auhau
    the eep geneology of Pap and Wākea
  15. Mo`olelo
    the stories; orature and literature
  16. David Malo
    • First Hawaiian Scholar. a leading hawaiian historian of the kingdom of hawaii, christian minister, fought to preserve hawaiian culture and literature
    • First talked about Wakea and Papa
  17. Samuel Kamakau
    a hawaiian historian and scholar, helped to preserve hawaiian culture and literature
  18. John IʻI
    an educator, politician, and historian in the kingdom of hawaii, helped preserve the hawaiian culture and literature
  19. `Aikapu
    women do everything separate from men
  20. Mālama ‘āina
    taking care of the land
  21. Ali`i
    chief, to act or rule as a chief
  22. Nīaupiʻo Mating
    offspring marriage of high born brother/sister
  23. Kahuna
    a person who is an expert in any profession
  24. Konohiki
    Headman of an ahupua'a land division under the chief; land rights under the high chief
  25. Maka`āinana
    commoner, people in general; citizen
  26. Ahupua`a
    land division usually extending from the uplands to the sea
  27. Subsistence economy
    a non-monetary economy which relies on natural resources for basic needs
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