HWST Unit 2 exam 1

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  1. `Ōiwi
    bones, blood of indigenous people
  2. Kanaka Maoli
    true people of the land. The Hawaiian native people
  3. Colonialism
    the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers and exploiting
  4. Assimilation
    process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of the group
  5. Decolonization
    the undoing of colonialism: where a nation establishes and maintains dependent territory
  6. Austronesian
    a family of languages spoken in an area extending from Madagascar to the pacific islands
  7. pidgin
    grammatically simplified form of language; used for those working on plantations in hawaii
  8. HCE
    Hawaiian, Creole, English
  9. Creole
    a stable natural language that has developed from a pidgin, i.e a simplified version of a language
  10. cultural bomb
    the concept of the annihilation of a culture. through enforcement and standardized education of another culture. Natives of the former are made to see their past as undesirable and old fashioned, making them want to distance themselves
  11. mental universe
    most important area of domination:the colonized, the control through culture, relationship to the world(brain washing kids)
  12. Colonial alienation
    The disassociation of the sensibility of a child from his natural or social environment.
  13. Okina
    backwards apostrophe; consonant in Hawaiian language
  14. Kahakō
    indicates that the vowel over which is placed is drawn out
  15. Pūnana Leo
    An organization dedicated to preserving the Hawaiian language  through teaching: Hawaiian immersion preschools/schools
  16. Kula Kaiāpuni,
    emersion of hawaiian language into charter/high schools 

    a secondary hawaiian immersion school
  17. Maori School Act
    (1867) all children are to be taught to read and write in Maori
  18. Kohanga Reo
    the Māori language revitalization program for New Zealand natives, means "Language Nest"
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