Science Pt3

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  1. Biodiversity
    The number of organisms in an ecosystem.
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    Example: there is (x) amount of different fish in the ocean
  2. Protect:
    Keep safe from danger.
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    Example: The kyoto protocol was made to protect the atmosphere and the population of the earth.
  3. Biodiversity hotspot
    A place where diversity is high.
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    Example: Some Caribbean islands.
  4. Community
    A group of organisms that live within the same area.
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    Example: A neighbor hood.
  5. Dominant species
    The species that makes the most mass, or is most numerous.
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    Example: Trees in a forest
  6. Keystone species
    Species that are little in numbers, but make a big impact on the ecosystem.
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    Example: Sea otters.
  7. Captive Breeding
    The process of breeding in a controlled area
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    Example: Zoos
  8. Ecosystem engineer
    An organism that modifies the ecosystem
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    Example : Beavers makes dens.
  9. Succession
    The order of a fixed sequence
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    Example: The order of how a tree grows.
  10. Habitat loss
    When a natural habitat is destroyed.
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    Example : Earth used to be covered in forests, but humans cut it down for homes.
  11. Deforestation
    When an area that was originally forests is no longer a forest.
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  12. Alien species 
    Species that were transferred from one place to another.
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    Example : Sciurus carolinensis squirrel
  13. Invasive species
    An alien species that invaded another ecosystem and is causing a negative effect.
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    Example  : zebra mussels
  14. Overexploitation
    Reducing a population faster then it can come back.
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    Example : Atlantic cod
  15. Extinction
    When an organism no longer exists within the world.
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    Example : Dinosaurs
  16. Biodiversity crisis
    When diversity in an ecosystem lowers, effecting all the organisms within it.
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  17. Restoration ecology
    The practice of restoring damaged ecosystems.
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  18. Reforestation
    When a removed forest is put back to its original state.
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    Example : Canadian forest cover has increased in the last decade
  19. Biocontrol
    The control of an organism by adding a natural enemy or predator.
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    Example : the wasp cycle
  20. Bioremediation
    The use of organisms to reduce waste.
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    Example : Compost with salt tolerance bacteria
  21. Bioaugmentation
    When you add actively growing organisms into a community for improved treatment.
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    Example : Animal feed
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