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  1. Biodiversity
    The amount of different species in an area
  2. Protect
    Stopping further/any harm to a biotic and/or abiotic "thing"
  3. Biodiversity Hotspot
    • An area where there is a large amount of biodiversity
    • usually tropical areas
  4. Community
    a group of organisms living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  5. Dominant Species
    • A species that greatly influences the ecosystem it is in
    • generally primary producers
  6. Keystone Species
    • A species that is needed for the ecosystem to thrive
    • An undercommon species
  7. Captive breeding
    • Keeping a certain species in a contained way and having it breed to increase its population
    • done only with endangered species
    • The Toronto zoo commonly does this
  8. Ecosystem engineer
    • A species that greatly influences the environment of a given ecosystem
    • i.e. a beaver and it's dam
  9. Succession
    a number of species or things sharing a specified characteristic and following one after the other.
  10. Habitat loss
    • The loss of a species habitat
    • caused by natural causes or humans
    • i.e deforestation, draining of wetands
  11. Deforestation
    • The clearing of trees
    • transforms forests into cleared land.
  12. Alien species
    • A species not native to a given land
    • Caused by humans
    • Can be intentional or accidental
  13. Invasive species
    An alien species that harms the ecosystem
  14. Overexploitation
    The consumption/use of a resource to the point where it is nearly/is depleated
  15. Extinction
    • A species which has been completely wiped out
    • Can be caused by human overexploitation or by natural causes
  16. Biodiversity crisis
    The lack of a variety of species in a given area
  17. Restoration ecology
    The practice of renewing/restoring destroyed/damaged ecosystems caused by human
  18. Reforestation
    Planting trees to recreate a forest which was previously destroyed
  19. Biocontrol
    • Using a species to control the population of another
    • i.e. using cats to kill mice
  20. Bioremediation
    Using plants to put nutrients back into destroyed soil
  21. Bioaugmentation
    Using plants to remove harmful chemicals/materials from soil
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