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  1. If charges that are the same repel each other...
    Charges that are different attract each other
  2. attraction or repulsion
    Electric force
  3. around a charged object.
    Electric field
  4. buildup of charges but don't flow continuously
    Static electricity
  5. what 3 ways can an object become charged?
    friction, conduction, induction
  6. What happens if a negatively charged object and a positively charged object are brought together?
    Electrons transfer until both objects have the same charge
  7. loss of static electricity, transfer from one to another
    Static discharge
  8. flow of electric charges
    Electric current
  9. A complete no damaged path to which charges flow
    Electric circuit
  10. What causes a current in an electric circuit?
  11. The difference in potenrial energy, two places
  12. A device, creates potential difference in electric circuit
    Voltage source
  13. The greater the resistance...
    The less current there is for a voltage
  14. Stored in chemical compounds
    Chemical energy
  15. Substances change into new substances
    Chemical reaction
  16. What was the first battery?
    layered zinc, paper soaked in salt water, and silver
  17. Transforms chem. energy into elec. energy
    Electrochemical Cell
  18. Two different metals
  19. conducts electric circuit
  20. connect a cell to a circuit
  21. Two electrochemical in a series
  22. chemical reaction s occur between what?
    The electrodes and the electrolytes in the electrochemical cell
  23. resistance= Voltage÷current
    Ohm's law
  24. what are the features of a circuit?
    Circuits run by e. energy, source or e. energy, connected by conducting wires 
  25. one electric circuit path
    series circut
  26. other paths to take
    Parellel circuts
  27. energy is transferred
  28. how can you calculate the power of a light bulb or an stove etc.?
    Power = Voltage × Current
  29. How do you know how much you have to pay for energy?
    Energy = power times time

  30. least resistance path
    short circut
  31. protect people from shock
    alternate path for current
  32. how do you prevent circuits from overheating
    fuses and circuit breakers
  33. reusable safety switch
    circuit breaker
  34. an object can only become charged when electrons transfer to one place to another
    conservation of charge
  35. the measure of how difficult it is it flow through
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