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  1. Biodiversity
    • Biodiversity is the number and variety of lifeforms including species in a region as well as the number and variety of ecosystems inside and beyond a region.
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  2. Protect
    • The protection legally of either endangered, threatened orĀ are under special concern.
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  3. Biodiversity Hotspot
    • A biodiversity hotspot is where there is an exceptionally large number of species in a relatively small area.
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  4. Community
    • All the population of different species that interact within an ecosystem.
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  5. Dominant species
    • Species that are so abundant that they have the biggest biomass of any member of a community, a dominant species is a primary producer
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  6. Keystone
    • A species that can greatly affect populations and the health of an ecosystem like otter's in a kelp forest.
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  7. Captive Breeding
    • Captive breeding is when humans take in a species that is on the brink of extinction and helps them get back to a normal population safely and eventually let them go.
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  8. Ecosystem Engineer
    • An ecosystem engineer is a species that causes major changes to a landscape that creates a new ecosystem like a beaver dam.
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  9. Succession
    • A series of changes in an ecosystem that occurs over a period of time after a disturbance.
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  10. Habitat Loss
    • Habitat loss is when a species habitat is destroyed mostly due to human activities.
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  11. Deforestation
    • Deforestation is when forests are cleared for logging or other human uses and are never replanted.
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  12. Alien Species
    • Alien species are species that are accidentally or deliberately introduced to a new location likeĀ zebra mussels. They usually arrive in ballast water.
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  13. Invasive Species
    • Alien species that start trying to take over native species resources and habitats like round gobies.
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  14. Overexploitation
    • Overexploitation is the use or extraction resources until it is depleted.
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  15. Extinction
    • Extinction is the death of a whole population all over the world in a certain species.
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  16. Biodiversity Crisis
    • Biodiversity crisis is the acceleration of the rate of extinctions.
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  17. Restoration Ecology
    • Restoration ecology is the renewal of degraded or destroyed ecosystems through human intervention.
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  18. Reforestation
    • Reforestation is the regrowth of a forest by natural processes or by humans planting seeds or trees in an area that deforestation has occurred.
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  19. Biocontrol
    • Biocontrol is the use of a species to regulate an unwanted species growth and spread of it's population.
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  20. Bioremediation
    • Bioremediation is the use of living organisms like clovers to extract contamination from an area like where a gas station used to be.
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  21. Bioaugmentation
    Bioaugmentation is the use of organisms which can be clovers to add essential nutrients to depleted soils.
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