480 published books breakdown

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  1. Charles Lyell
    Principles of Geology (1833)
  2. Thomas Malthus
    An Essay on the principle of population (1798)
  3. Charles Darwin
    The origin of species 1859
  4. Herbert Spencer
    The study of sociology (1873)
  5. Herbert Spencer
    Principles of sociology (1876)
  6. Edward Tylor
    Primitive culture 1871
  7. Edward Tylor
    Anthropology 1881 (first textbook used by British),
  8. Edward Tylor
    Notes and Quarries on Anthropology
  9. Lewis Henry Morgan
    Houses and house life of the American aboriginals (1881)
  10. Lewis Henry Morgan
    League of the Iroquois 1851
  11. Lewis Henry Morgan
    Ancient Society 1877
  12. Lewis Henry Morgan
    Ancient Society 1877Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family (1871)
  13. Lewis Henry Morgan
    The American Beaver (1868)
  14. Lewis Henry Morgan
    systems of kinship (1871)
  15. Karl Marx & Fredrich Engels
    Origin of the family, private property, and the state
  16. W. J. Perry & Graft Elliot Smith
    Children of the sun
  17. Franz Boas
    Anthropology and Modern Life
  18. Franz Boas
    Bella Bella Tales
  19. Franz Boas
    Baffin Island Eskimos
  20. Franz Boas
    Contributions to the Ethnology of the Kwakiutl
  21. Franz Boas
    The Decorative Art of the Indians of the North Pacific Coast
  22. Franz Boas
    Handbook of American Indian Languages
  23. Franz Boas
    Indian Myths & Legends from the North Pacific Coast of America
  24. Franz Boas
    Kwakiutl Culture As Reflected in Mythology
  25. Franz Boas
    Kwakiutl Grammar
  26. Franz Boas
    Kwakiutl of Vancouver Island
  27. Franz Boas
    Religion of the Kwakiutl Indians
  28. Franz Boas
    Mind of Primitive Man
  29. Franz Boas
    Primitive Art
  30. Franz Boas
    Race Language and Culture
  31. Alfred Kroeber
    Cultural and Natural Areas of Native North America
  32. Alfred Kroeber
    Handbook of the Indians of California
  33. Alfred Kroeber
  34. Alfred Kroeber
    Peruvian Archaeology
  35. Ruth Benedict
    Patterns of Culture
  36. Ruth Benedict
    Anthropology and the Abnormal
  37. Ruth Benedict
    Chrysanthemum and the Sword
  38. Ruth Benedict
  39. Margaret Mead
    Growing up in New Guinea
  40. Margaret Mead
    Coming of Age in Samoa
  41. Margaret Mead
    Sex and Temperament in three Primitive Societies
  42. Paul Radin
    Primitive Man as Philosopher
  43. Paul Radin
    Crashing Thunder: the Autobiography of an American Indian
  44. Edward Sapir
  45. Robert Lowie
    Primitive Society
  46. Robert Lowie
    Crow Indians
  47. Robert Lowie
    Shreds and Patches
  48. Lewis Henry Morgan
    Ancient society
  49. Cyrus Thomas
    Problem of the Ohio Mounds
  50. Alfred Kidder
    Study of Southwestern Archaeology
  51. Emile Durkheim
    Rules of the Sociological Method
  52. Emile Durkheim
    Elementary Forms of Religious Life
  53. Emile Durkheim
    Division of Labor in Society
  54. Emile Durkheim
  55. Emile Durkheim
    Année sociologique
  56. Emile Durkheim
    Primitive Classification (with Mauss)
  57. Marcel Mauss
    Année sociologique
  58. Marcel Mauss
    The Gift
  59. Marcel Mauss
  60. Marcel Mauss
    Primitive Classification (1903 with Durkheim)
  61. Bronislaw Malinowski
    Argonauts of the Western Pacific
  62. Bronislaw Malinowski
    Sex and Repression in Savage Society
  63. Bronislaw Malinowski
    Coral Gardens and Their Magic
  64. Bronislaw Malinowski
    A Diary in the Strict Sense of the Word
  65. A. R. Radliffe-Brown
    Three Tribes of Western Australia
  66. A. R. Radliffe-Brown
    Social Organization of Australian Tribes
  67. A. R. Radliffe-Brown
    Structure and Function in Primitive Society
  68. A. R. Radliffe-Brown
    The Andaman Islanders
  69. E.E. Evans-Pritchard
    Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic Among the Azande
  70. E.E. Evans-Pritchard
    African Political Systems
  71. E.E. Evans-Pritchard
    Nuer Religion
  72. E.E. Evans-Pritchard
    Kinship and Marriage Among the Nuer
  73. E.E. Evans-Pritchard
    The Nuer
  74. Max Gluckman
    Custom and Conflict in Africa
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