Week 43 - Oct 19

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  1. 1. What does C-CAT5TH stand for?

    2. What is my daily work checklist?
    • 1.
    • Calendar
    • Cards
    • Alarms
    • TDL (Timer)
    • Top 5
    • Timer
    • Health Log

    2. Checklist

    • -Do top 5 at the end
    • -Print off one item (notes from this day last week) and red pen it - 15 mins (look at calendar for event - red pen events coming up first)
    • -Day study - use random number generator to go through TDL (randomize year, month and day)
    • -Do flashcards 5 mins a day
    • - 1tdl1 search - look at 10 items - pick one to add to top 5
    • -Look at 2 week emails for 5 mins
  2. What is a great way to get important things done by the end of the day or in prep for the next day?
    1. Set alarm for 2pm - this is the time where I need to develop a sense of urgency of what should be done for the day

    2. Throughout day, put together an email with the subject line doneby2pm - This way, I'll have it all cued up and by 2pm, I can focus on all of the things that need to get done.
  3. What are the figures for how much we'll spend with incentive plan?
    • Total one person per month
    • $172.50

    • Total 30 per month
    • $5,175

    • Total one person per year
    • $1,552.50

    • Total 30 person per year
    • $13,972.50

    • Date: 10/11/15
    • Source: 1785 Incentives Points Running numbers?
    • Card decK: Week 42 - Week 43
  4. What are my top 5 character strengths?
    • 1. Love
    • 2. Spirituality
    • 3. Gratitude
    • 4. Humor
    • 5. Fairness

    • Date: 10/8/15
    • Source:
    • Card decK: Week 42 - Week 43
  5. 1. Where can I find info on the 2004 Toyota Camry for $4,500?

    2. How many miles does it have?
    1. http://broadwayautocare.carwizard.net/CarPreview.aspx?AdID=103293

    2. 167,000

    Broadway autocare

    • Date: 10/12/15
    • Source:
    • Card decK: Week 42 - Week 43
  6. 1. What does HBU stand for?

    2. What does PWI mean?
    1. Historically Black University

    2. Predominantly White Institution

    • Date: 10/12/15
    • Source: Fresh Air interview with D. Watkins "Living (And Dying) While Black' on Oct 1, 2015
    • Card decK: Week 42 - Week 43
  7. What did I want to post on facebook?
    "So I was taught - I was told that, you know, the world is diverse, and you need to go to a place where you can interact with different types of people and things like that. And when I got there, it was just - it was culture shock. It was, like, my first time meeting, like, you know, what we would call, like, a frat boy. It was my first time meeting elite people, people who came from not the type of money I was coming from, but from real money... And after a couple of months of being there, maybe, like, a month and a half, you know, I met a couple of people, but it didn't really work. And I just - I dropped out, and I just felt more at home in the street and around street people. So that's what I decided to go ahead and live out what I felt like my destiny was."

    This is the story so often missed in many of the mainstream narratives we hear about "making it in America": when members of underrepresented groups come into colleges, universities and even workplaces and feel like they don't belong. How do we address that as a society (or God forbid, interpersonally)? The exclusion starts early and we continue on our merry way with the unspoken belief that its okay when things are "separate but equal."

    If we didn't have policies like Affirmative Action and bussing, I wonder how many years the progression of equality would have been held back. Without these polices, many people of privilege sure as hell wouldn't have done it on their own.

    Why do we continue to fear those "unlike" us, of our own species? Why do we continue to be okay with the?

    "there was a headline in a newspaper several years ago saying, “We're entering a state where, for the first time in over 350 years, the world will be led by a non-Christian, non-white country.” And what it was saying is we should be afraid. So the early debates around integrating schools — the white segregationists were: “We can't have integrated schools because black and white children might get to know each other and might marry each other and have babies.” The Civil Rights Movement’s was: “This is not about marriage.” The white segregationists were right. You bring people together, they will actually learn to love each other. Some of them will marry and have children. And so it will actually change the fabric of society. When people worry that having gays in our community will change what marriage really means, actually, they're right. When people worry that having a lot of Latinos in the United States would change United States, they are right. We're constantly making each other. And so we can’t hold onto a notion that this is what America is, so Latinos don't affect us. So part of it is that our fear that we are holding onto something, and "the other" is going to change it. And the other is going to change it, but we're going to change the other. And we're going to — if we do it right, we're going to create a bigger “we,” a different “we.”"


    • Date:
    • Source: See TDL 10/12/15
    • Card decK:
  8. 1. Who is Marian Mahathy?

    2. When and from who did I find out about her?
    1. Social worker who contracts with the Detroit Lions to provide trainings and domestic violence education

    2. 10/15/15 from Aretha during our supervision

    • Date: 10/15/15
    • Source:
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44 - Aretha
  9. Have you called Chatana back yet?
    • Date: 10/19/15
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44
  10. 1. Have you spoken with interns about school site visits?

    2. What is the order of operation?

    3. Have you heard back from afterschool directors approving or confirming?

    • 2.
    • Order of operations
    • -Print off more I Rise flyers
    • -Get availability from students
    • -Make call on where to send students
    • -Send email to afterschool director confirming
    • -Ask for contact info of site staff
    • -Print off more I Rise flyers

    • Date: 10/19/15
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44
  11. Lisa call

    1. Switch to uberconference for phone calls
    2. Send reminder for MOU
    3. Wants us to do fortune telling (we have a $200 budget, no candy)
    4. Sign up interns for Crowd Rise - bring up during Tuesday meeting
    Date: 10/19/15 - Call at 1:10pm
  12. Have you done 15 mins of work on Childcare Network position?
    • Date: 10/19/15
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44
  13. What is an acronym for a good 20 minute meeting prep technique?
    • Alice
    • Numbers
    • 3
    • Examples
    • 3
    • Freaking
    • Times

    • Aloud
    • Notes review - 5 mins
    • 3 questions
    • Email review - 5 mins
    • 3 questions
    • Flashcards - 5 mins
    • TDL - 5 mins

    • Date: 10/19/15
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44 - Habits - Schedule - Important Daily
  14. Have you sent the doodle out for the next coaches in-person meeting?
    • Date: 10/19/15
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44
  15. 1. How am I going to track points for each family?

    2. How will I get this information to Michelle McIntyre to apply the credits?
    • 1.
    • Write down decision under 10/21/15 notes

    • Ideas:
    • -Have a new column in coaches notes tracking points
    • -Setting a date 3 days before forum to start the tracking of points for each branch so that I'm able to announce points at the forum?


    • Date: 10/21/15
    • Card deck: Points System I Rise
  16. 1. Have you scheduled teleconference for Nov 12th forum?

    2. Who needs to be on this call?

    • 2.
    • Susanne
    • Gretchen
    • Amber
    • Sean
    • Lauren
    • Cindy
    • Abby or Ed

    • Date: 10/21/15
    • Card deck: Week 43 - Week 44

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