Excretory System

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  1. Osmoregulation
    Regulation (balance) of ions and water
  2. Osmosis
    Material moving from place of high concentration to low across a concentration gradient (plasma membrane)
  3. Hypotonic
    A lot of water in environment compared to your cells (flows into cells)
  4. Hypertonic
    More water in the cells and less in the environment (flows out of cells)
  5. Isotonic
    Same amount of water and salts outside & in the cells (all animals try to achieve this)
  6. Stenohaline
    Animals can only survive in a very narrow amount of salty water
  7. Euryhaline
    Aquatic animals that can be in water with any salt content
  8. Osmoregulators
    Animal's body doesn't depend on their environment
  9. How do fish osmoregulate?
    Freshwater fishes dilute water by peeing
  10. Water loss of Terrestrial organisms (3)
    • Evaporation= Respiration + perspiration
    • Urination
    • Defecation
  11. Water gain of terrestrial organisms (3)
    • Food
    • Drink water
    • Metabolic water
  12. Excretion
    Elimination of metabolic wastes
  13. Endocrine System
    Production of chemical messengers
  14. Endocrine system aids in (3)
    • Communication
    • Development
    • Reproduction
  15. Lymphatic System (3)
    • Returns fluid (lymph) to the blood
    • Lymph glands produce cells involved in defense
    • Filters lipids
  16. Immune System
    Defends against invaders
  17. What is the protection of the plant cells?
    The cell wall
  18. 2 types of osmoconformers
    Stenohaline & Euryhaline
  19. Chemical messengers that are produced in the endocrine system (3)
    • Hormones
    • Pheromones
    • Growth Factors
  20. Animal parts that are used for excretion (4)
    • Contractile Vacuole
    • Flame cells
    • Nephridium
    • Kidneys
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