IS Policy Ch 2

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  1. Historical Issues with IT
    • 1. IT strategy just supporting business
    • 2. Limited understanding of business strategy
    • 3. Limited understanding of IT's potential by business managers
  2. Current View of IT
    • 1. IT strategy should be integrated with business strategy
    • 2. IT must be positioned for speed, flexibility, innovation to support a rapidly changing IT environment
    • 3. Compliment business strategy
  3. Future view of IT
    • 1. Dynamic and focused on developing strategic capabilities that support a variety of changing business objectives.
    • 2. IT and business alignment supporting evolutionary change.

    IT’s potential to affect the top line
  4. IT Strategy Critical Success Factors (4)
    • 1. Revisit business model
    • 2. Have strategic themes
    • 3. Get the right people involved
    • 4. Work in partnership with the business
  5. 1. Revisit business model
    Business model explains how the different pieces of the business fit together.

    Should be clear and describe the unique value that the organization can deliver.
  6. 2. Have strategic themes
    Carefully crafted programs that focus on developing specific business capabilities.

    IT and business programs that are grouped in strategic themes are easier to track and support interdependencies.
  7. 3. Get the right people involved
    • 1. Sr Mgmt should take an active role in IT decision making
    • 2. Key stakeholders should be involved
    • 3. Relationship/account managers
  8. 4. Work in partnership with the business
    1. Business & IT must both have input

    2. IT projects should be synchronized w/ business objectives
  9. Business improvement
    Low-risk investments w/ short-medium term payback.

    Streamlining business processes
  10. Business Enabling
    Transforms or extends how company does business

    • -Revenue Growth is key
    • -Cost benefit not clearly established
  11. Business Opportunities
    Small Scale & experimental. Test new concepts/technology. Often do not have funding due to lower success rate.
  12. Opportunity Leverage
    Leverage results of other companies (tech is easy to imitate)
  13. Enterprise Architecture
    • Integrated IT & Business blueprint.
    • Helps with identifying duplicate solutions.
  14. IT Strategy Development - Best Practices (5)

    Link IT Strategy to Business Strategy - BUDGETING
    • 1. Rolling budgets
    • 2. Enterprise Architecture
    • 3. Different Funding buckets
    • 4. Relationship mgrs
    • 5. Prioritization rubric for project funding
  15. Barriers to IT Strategy Dev (5)
    • 1. Governance structure for enterprisewide projects
    • 2. Enterprisewide funding models
    • 3. Traditional budget cycles
    • 4. Strategic vs. tactical initiatives
    • 5. Skills in strategizing
  16. Business Model
    Explains how the different pieces of a business fit together

    Ensures everyone in an organization is focused on the kind of value a company wants to create.
    • 1. Business improvement
    • 2. Business enablement
    • 3. Business opportunities
    • 4. Opportunity leverage
    • 5. Infrastructure
  18. IT Strategy Key Concept
    IT strategy is mainly about getting the balance right between conflicting strategic imperatives (Short-term vs. long-term view).
  19. Business and IT Strategies Co-evolve to Create New Capabilities

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IS Policy Ch 2
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