Anatomy- Limbs & back- Vertebral Column

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  1. What is the innervation of the Trapezius?
    Spinal Accessory Nerve
  2. What is the innervation of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle?
    Spinal Accessory Nerve
  3. What is the innervation of the Latissimus Dorsi?
    Thoracodorsal Nerve
  4. What is the innervation of the Deltoid muscle?
    Axillary Nerve
  5. How many Cervical Vertebrae do we have?
  6. How many Thoracic Vertebrae do we have?
  7. How many Lumbar Vertebrae do we have?
  8. How many Sacral Vertebrae do we have?
    5 fused
  9. How many Coccygeal Vertebrae do we have?
    3-5 fused
  10. What parts of the spine are part of the primary curvature?
    Thoracic & Sacral
  11. What parts of the spine are part of the secondary curvature?
    Cervical & Lumbar
  12. What if the primary curvature of the spine?
    Concave anteriorly
  13. What if the secondary curvature of the spine?
    Convex anteriorly
  14. What is Kyphosis?
    Exageration of the Thoracic region
  15. What is Lordosis?
    Exageration of the Lumbar region
  16. What is Scoliosis?
    Lateral curvatures of the spine
  17. How is the hole of vertebrae called?
    Vertebral Foramen
  18. How is the part between the vertebral body and a transverse process called?
  19. How is the part between a transverse process and the spinous process called?
  20. How is the arch of the vertebrae called?
    Vertebral/Neural Arch
  21. Of what does the spinal nerve come out the spine?
    Intervertebral Foramen
  22. What forms the Intervertebral Foramen?
    Superior & Inferior Vertebral Notch
  23. What makes the Zygapophiseal Joint?
    Superior & Inferior Articular Process
  24. What's the content of the Transverse Foramen?
    Vertebral artery
  25. What other holes does the cervical vertebrae have?
    Transverse Foramina
  26. How is the Vertebral Foramen of the Cervical Vertebrae called?
    Large Vertebral Foramen
  27. How is the Spinous process of the Cervical vertebrae called?
    Bifid Spinous Process
  28. What other kind of process distinguishes the cervical vertebrae from the other ones?
    Uncinate Process
  29. How is C1 called?
  30. How is C2 called?
  31. What does the Axis have in particular?
    A Dens
  32. On what does the skull rests?
    Superior Articular Facets
  33. What are Lateral Masses?
  34. The Atlas doesn't have a vertebral body or a spinous process but has: ?
    Posterior and Anterior Arch
  35. What does the Thoracic vertebrae has to articulate with the ribs?
    Costal Facets
  36. What's the shape does the thoracic vertebrae?
    Heart shape
  37. Why do the superior and inferior vertebral notch of the lumbar vertebrae are smaller?
    The Spinal Cord gets smaller and smaller down the spine
  38. How is the spinous process of a thoracic vertebrae?
    Long, narrow & sloped
  39. What's the shape does the lumbar vertebrae?
  40. How is the spinous process of a lumbar vertebrae?
    Short & wide
  41. How is the part where the fusion of the sacral vertebrae happened called?
    Transverse Ridge
  42. How is the top of the sacrum called?
  43. How is the tip of the sacrum called?
  44. How are the posterior/medial bumps on the sacrum called?
    Median Sacral Crest
  45. How are the posterior/Lateral bumps on the sacrum called?
    Lateral Sacral Crest
  46. How are the 'wings' of the sacrum called?
    Sacral Ala
  47. How are the holes, in which the spinal nerves of the sacrum pass, called?
    Anterior & Posterior Sacral Foramina
  48. How is the hole, in which the spinal cord passes, called?
    Sacral Hiatus
  49. How is the joint between the Atlas and the Axis called?
    Atlantoaxial Joint
  50. How is the joint between the Atlas and the skull called?
    Atlanto-occipital Joint
  51. How is the joint between the uncinate processes called?
    Uncovertebral Joint (of Luschka)
  52. How is the joint between the vertebral bodies called?
    Intervertebral Joint
  53. How is the joint between articular processes called?
    Zygapophyseal Joint
  54. Between what is the Uncovertebral Joint?
    Uncinate precesses
  55. Between what is the Atlanto-occipital joint?
    Atlas and skull
  56. Between what is the Atlantoaxial joint?
    Atlas and axis
  57. Between what is the intervertebral joint?
    Vertebral bodies
  58. What protects the atlanto-occipital joint?
    Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane
  59. What rests one the Superior articular facets?
    Occipital Condyles
  60. What are the ligaments that hold the dens and the atlas together?
    Alar Ligament & Transverse Ligament
  61. What is in the middle of the intervertebral disc?
    Nucleus Pulposus
  62. What is the outside of the intervertebral disc?
    Annulus Fibrosus (inner & outer ring)
  63. What is the classification of the Intervertebral Joint?
    Solid, Symphysis Joint
  64. What are the two types of disc herniation?
    Central Herniation & Posterolateral Herniation
  65. What is the expulsion of the nucleus pulposus called?
    Disc Herniation
  66. What are the stages of the disc herniation?
    Degeneration, Protrusion, Extrusion & Sequestration
  67. What is the classification of the Zygapophyseal Joint?
    Synovial, plane/gliding
  68. What is the orientation of the cervical Zygapophyseal joint?
    Transverse plane
  69. What is the orientation of the thoracic Zygapophyseal joint?
    Frontal/coronal plane
  70. What is the orientation of the lumbar Zygapophyseal joint?
    Sagittal plane
  71. What movements does the cervical spine allow?
    extension/flexion, Lateral flexion/extension & rotation of the head and neck
  72. What movement does the thoracic spine allow?
    Rotation of upper trunk
  73. What movement does the lumbar spine allow?
    Extension/flexion & lateral flexion/extension
  74. What ligament is on each side of the vertebral body?
    Anterior & Posterior Longitudinal Ligaments
  75. What ligament is between the spinous processes?
    Interspinous Ligament
  76. What ligament is between the tip of the transverse processes?
    Intertransverse Ligament
  77. What ligament is on top of the spinous processes?
    Supraspinous Ligament
  78. What ligament is between each lamina?
    Ligamentum Flavum
  79. What ligament is between the spinous processes of C1 to C7 and the occipital bone?
    Nuchal Ligament (Ligamentum Nuchae)
  80. What is the Hyperextension of the neck?
  81. What is Whiplash Injury?
  82. What is 'Hangman's Fracture'?

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