A&P Test 2 (2)

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  1. The second, deeper part of the skin, is composed of dense irregular connective tissue containing collagen and elastic fibers.
  2. Two regions of the dermis
    Papillary and reticular region
  3. lies just below the epidermis
    papillary region
  4. consist of dense irregular connective tissue
    reticular region
  5. Also known as hypodermis, attaches the skin to underlying tissues and organ. Consist of areolar and adipose tissues.
    Subcutaneous layer
  6. stratum licidum is found
    only in skin of fingetips, palms and soles; on your feet
  7. what layer of the skin has dense irregular connective tissue
  8. The inherited inability of an individual to produce melanin.
  9. What causes albinism?
    Those affected have melanocytes that are unable to synthesize tyrosinase.
  10. People who have albinism are missing melanin from their
    hair. eyes and skin
  11. Where do you find thick skin?
    In the epidermis. In the palms, fingertips, has no hair follicles, has more sweat glands and contains epidermal ridges.
  12. How does the skin thermoregulate to the body?
    by liberating sweat as its surface and by adjusting the flow of blood in the dermis.
  13. Reddened elevated patches of skin that are often itchy. Most commonly caused by infections, physical trauma, medications, emotional stress, food additives, and certain food allergies. Also called urticaria
  14. An inflammation of the skin characterized by patches of red, blistering, dry, extremely itchy skin. It occurs mostly in skin creases in the wrists, backs of the knees, and fronts of the elbow
  15. Mass produced by uncontrolled growth of epithelial skin cells; caused by a papilomavirus. Most are noncancerous
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