NAT TEST #3 Review: Chapters 13 through 18

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  1. 1. True or False  A physician may likely order thickened liquids for a resident who has a had a stroke (CVA)
  2. 2. Fat in the diet is needed for: ________
    A concentrated source of energy.  It helps to feel full & makes food taste better.  Fat also helps the body use certain vitamins more efficiently helps keep us warm & protects our internal organs.
  3. 3. A syndrome caused by HIV that results in breakdown of the body's defense system is called:
  4. 4. Mrs. Smith has a weak left arm.  You need to take off her shirt.  Which side (arm) should you undress first?
    The strong side first and that would be the right side.
  5. 5. Mr. Jones has a sensory impairment.  The nurse assistant should focus care on:

    A. Mobility
    B. Retraining to regain function
    C. Personal care
    D. Communication
    D. Communication
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  6. Aspiration means:
    Inhalation of fluids or other foreign materials into the lungs.
  7. Mrs. Smith has multiple sclerosis.  That means she is experiencing a problem involving: _____________
    A chronic disease that gradually destroys the protective coating of the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.  This condition creates a situation similar to a short circuit or crossed wire.  Nerves cannot communicate with each other or with in the brain.
  8. 8. True or False:  One of your tasks as a nursing assistant may be to label clothing of a newly admitted resident.
  9. 9. One ounce equals _________ cc's or mLs.
  10. 10. Mr. Jenkins is in a coma.  how frequently should you provide his oral hygiene?
    At least every two hours.
  11. 11. True or False: Only a licensed nurse may apply a condom (Texas) catheter to a male resident.
  12. 12. To best protect a resident's denture plate whey you are cleaning it at the sink, what should you do?
    Line the sink with a paper towel or regular towel.
  13. 13. True or False: When caring for a resident with multiple health problems including arthritis, a nurse assistant should allow more time for the person to complete personal care skills.
    True  ( Encourage them to do as much for themselves)
  14. 14. List three signs or symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI)
    a. Cloudy urine, Frequent and often urgent need to urniate

    b. Painful urine, mucus or blood, changes in mental status

    c. Fervor, unusual behaviors in persons with dementia - such as leaning to one side.
  15. 15. The reason a nurse assistant uses a bath blanket when helping with dressing or undressing a resident is: _________.
    Modesty & dignity
  16. 16. The reason a nurse assistant wears gloves when providing oral hygiene to a resident is: ______________________/
    To prevent the spread of infection
  17. 17.  Describe how to hold the skin when shaving a male resident's face:
    Pull it tight as you use the razor and shave downwards.
  18. The order used for cleaning the parts of a body when assisting a person to bathe are: Face, ____, _____, chest and abdomen, _____, _____, back, buttocks, and last is perineal area.
    Face, arms, hands,  chest and abdomen, legs, feet, back, buttocks, and last is perineal area.
  19. NPO means: ______________.
    Nothing by mouth
  20. 20. your resident has a gastronomy tube.  you should keep the head of the bed elevated for at least _______ minutes after a feeding.
    30 minutes
  21. Which nutrient helps the body build and repair tissue?
  22. You need to shave a resident who is taking medications that may affect the blood's ability to clot.  you should use which type of razor?
  23. If your resident has a weakness on one side of the body, this is knows as ____________.
    Hemiparesis (page 302)
  24. True or False: Trimming a person's toenails is  within the scope of practice for a nursing assistant.
  25. 25. The usual length of time for giving a back rub is _____ to ______ minutes.
    • 3 to 5 minutes.
  26. 26. When providing perineal care for a female, it is important for infection control to wipe from _________ to _____________.
    Front to back.
  27. 27. True or False:  It is important to wash all parts of a hearing aid with soap and water before you assist a resident with insertion in the auditory canal.
  28. 28.  True or False:  An important step in providing foot care is to apply lotion between the toes.
  29. 29. Anorexia means ______________.
    Loss of appetite
  30. 30. True or False:  Older people usually need more calories than younger people for energy.
  31. 31. True or False:  A resident who has trouble swallowing is often taught swallowing techniques by a speech therapist to help prevent aspiration.
  32. 32. Mrs. Watkins has chronic heart failure and is suffering from edema.  She is on a heart healthy diet and her doctor has written an order about her fluid consumption.  What order would you expect regarding her fluids.
    Order restrictive fluids  (page. 239)
  33. In which type of diet would you expect the foods to be chopped very small:
  34. 34. Mrs. smith has tea with lemon, Jell-O, broth and apple juice on her tray.  What type of diet would you expect has been ordered for her?
    Clear liquids
  35. 35.  A rocker knife is an assistive device that may be used by a resident who: _________.
    Is only able to use one hand to move.
  36. 36. The medical term for difficulty swallowing is: ______________.
  37. 37.  Mrs. Jones is legally blind but independent.  How would you identify the location of her food on her plate?
    Like clock work :)
  38. Drooping eyelid, slurred speech, corner of the mouth sagging and/ or weakness on one side of the body could be signs of a ______________.
    Stroke or CVA
  39. One of the first sign of dehydration in an elderly resident is: ___________
  40. 40. Mr. Kendrick drank 3 ounces of water, 7 ounces of tea, 5 ounces of Jell-o and 3 ounces of apple juice at his lunch.  What is his fluid consumption in cc's?
  41. 41.  Voiding means: ______________.
    To urinate
  42. 42. Mr. Mullins is on the bedpan.  how frequently should you check on him?
    5 min.
  43. 43. A urine bag is emptied into a ____________ to accurately measure.
  44. 44. List at least three signs or symptoms of a fecal impaction:
    A. ____________
    B. ____________
    C. _____________
    A. Pain, discomfort & abdominal swelling

    b. The person may pass small amounts of watery diarrhea like.

    c. feces around the impacted mass, but this should not be confused for a bowel movement.
    (pg. 253)
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  45. 45. True or False:  A resident with arthritis is most likely in chronic pain.
  46. 46. The name of the device used to prevent hips from externally rotation (turning outward) is a/an ______________.
    Trochanter roll
  47. 47. The name of the device that is used to prevent hips from internally rotation (turning inward) is a/an ____________.
    Abduction wedger or pillow
  48. 48. List at least three responsibilities of a nursing assistant when assisting a resident to be admitted to a facility:
    • - Welcoming the person, - looking after the person's belongings
    • - measuring & recording vital signs, weight and height
    • - Familiarizing the person with the new surroundings
  49. 49. Mrs. Jone's urine is to be strained.  What is the most likely reason for that order?
    To determine if kidney stone have passed
  50. 50. A urine hat is used to ____________.
    Collect urine for measure, or to obtain a urine or stool sample.
  51. 51. An enema is: ___________.
    The introduction of fluid into the bowel through the anus to remove feces from the bowel.
  52. 52. How often should you check on a resident who is receiving heat treatments?
    Every 5 minutes.
  53. 53. Pain tolerance is: _____________.
    The highest level of pain that a person is willing to experience before taking action to relieve it.
  54. 54.  The formal release of a person from a health care setting where he/she received care is called a/an __________.
  55. 55.  True or False:  it is usually not necessary to take a new admission's vital sign when he/she arrives at your facility.
  56. 56. True or False: Donating blood puts you at risk for infection with HIV.
  57. 57. osteoporosis is: _____________
    A disease in which loss of bone tissue causes the bones to become very fragile and prone to breaking.
  58. 58. True or False:  Mrs. Hampton is recovering from a broken hip.  when sitting in a chair she should have her feet flat on the floor and her hips flexed no more than 90 degrees.
  59. 59. You would expect a resident with COPD to have trouble: ____________.
  60. 60. Paraplegia is: __________________.
    Paralysis that affects both legs and the lower trunk
  61. 61. When a malignant tumor spreads to other parts of the body, it is said to have:
  62. 62. Inflammation of the lungs is called: _____________.
  63. 63. When caring for a resident with a nasal cannula, you should especially provide good skin care in which areas of the body? ___________
    Nose, cheeks and ears
  64. 64. Chest pain that occurs because the heart is not getting enough oxygen in called: _________.
  65. 65. True or False:  In caring for a resident with diabetes, you should make sure that meals and snacks are received in a timely manner and that you accurately document her food consumption.
  66. 66. The medical term for high blood pressure is: _______.
  67. 67. Chemotherapy is: __________.
    The use of drugs to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells.
  68. 68. A mental health condition that is the persistent feeling of sadness and is common in older adults is ______________.
  69. 69. What type of precautions are used with a resident who is dying from AIDS?
    Standard Precautions
  70. 70. List three sign or symptoms of hypoglycemia: __________.
    Dizziness, shakiness, sudden changes in behavior (for example, combativeness, argumentativeness, aggression or anger) Cool clammy skin, and headache.
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