Mythos of Spring II

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  1. Hero and heroine
    • self-depreciating, neutral, and uninformed, and blissfully ignorant
    • aided by the slave, female, confidante, or scheming valet who plan our hero's victory
    • ie. Nurse R and J
  2. Imposters
    a blocking character, a raging or threatening father
  3. Buffoons
    • increase the mood of the festivity
    • do not advance plot
    • ie. fools, clowns, servants, and chorus
  4. Rustic
    • the straight man for the joke
    • solemn or inarticulate character
    • unaffected by the humor eve if directed at 
    • generally light-hearted, simple man that reflects the ideals of simple folk
  5. Churl
    • miserly, snobbish, priggish character
    • does not join festivity and tries to stop the fun
    • commonly played by old men
  6. Traits
    • comedy focus mostly on defeated characters
    • pleasingly presented to integrate family to the society as comedy
    • happy ending expected and guaranteed and must be cleverly created
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IV. Characters hero/heroine and impostors form the basis of comic action; the buffoons, rustics, and churls polarize the comic mood V. Traits
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