OB Exam 2 MEDS

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  1. What medication is used to treat preterm labor
  2. When is progesterone given
    16-20 weeks, IM q week till 37 weeks
  3. Name four classes of medications used to halt PTL
    • Progesterone
    • CCB (Nifedipine)
    • Mg Sulfate
    • Tocolytic (Beta mimetic-Terbulatine, Prosta Inhibit-Indomethacin)
  4. How effective is a tocolytic at halting labor
    Can only hold labor off for 24-48 hours
  5. What is a serious side effect of beta mimetics
    Pulmonary edema
  6. What medication is given with a tocolytic to enhance fetal lung maturity
  7. What needs to be monitored when administering magnesium sulfate
  8. What is antidote for magnesium sulfate
    calcium gluconate
  9. What is the goal range of blood value for magnesium sulfate
  10. What medication is given oral or sublingually to inhibit contractions
  11. What are the side effects of the prostaglandin Dinoprostone
    Nonreassuring FHT, hyperstimulation, PP hemorrhage, or uterine rupture
  12. Where is Dinoprostone used
    Only in a hospital capable of performing a stat C/S
  13. What is a possible risk in taking Indomethacin
    Premature closure of DA or oligo
  14. Name 3 meds that induce labor
    • Prostaglandin
    • Oxytocin
    • Misoprostol
  15. What is nursing priority for patient taking misoprostol
    Continuous FHT and contraction monitoring
  16. When should misoprostol be given in relation to oxytocin
    Oxytocin should not be given until 4 hours after misoprostol has been taken
  17. What is the goal of oxytocin
    Achieve adequate contractions without tachysystole
  18. What MUST you do before giving oxytocin!!?
    Rule out CPD
  19. How is oxytocin administered
    Piggy back into main IV, use IV pump
  20. How long does it take for oxytocin to reach steady rate
    40 min
  21. What is the criteria of taking oxytocin
    If there is less than 3 contractions in 10 min or Intensity is less than 25 during active phase
  22. When should Oxytocin be discontinued
    • Nonreassuring FHT
    • Contractions > q 2 min
    • Duration >60 sec
    • Insufficient relaxation of uterus between contractions
  23. What medication should not be given with preeclampsia
  24. What does Hemabate do
    help control PP hemorrhage
  25. How should Indomethacin be taken
    with food or antacid to prevent GI upset
  26. Aside from checking for CPD before giving oxytocin, what else must be done before?
    15-20 min before: check NST, FHT
  27. What two things does promethazine do
    help relieve pain and acts as an anti-emetic
  28. If the client’s cervix dilates less than 1cm/hour or not at all in 2 hours, she might what
  29. Your client is to have an external version. You should expect to administer
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