113 Gas Turbine Module (GTM) Fundamentals

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  1. LM2500 gas turbine engine
    Creates centrifugal force to propel the ship through the water. Rated at 26,250 braking horse power (BHP). The ship uses 4: 1A and 1B are in Main 1, 2A and 2B are in Main 2
  2. Base enclosure
    Provides thermal and acoustic protection. Controlled environment for engine. Will withstand 2000 degrees, Fiberglass insulatated. Mounted on 32 resiliant shock mounts
  3. Integrated Electronic Controls (IEC)
    Stand alone cabnet. Contains the interface between the MCS and the LM2500.
  4. Lube Oil Storage/Conditioning Assembly (LOSCA)
    Filters, cools, removes entrained air and stores the lube oil. It is located on the upper level of the engineroom. Consists of a 40 Gallon storage tank. It is cooled by lube oil from the reduction gear.
  5. Intake
    Includes air louvers, anti-icing, moisture seperators, silencers, and FOD screens.
  6. Compressor
    Compressor is 16 Stages and has a 16:1 compression ratio
  7. Combustor
    Annular type, houses 30 fuel nozzles and 2 spark ignitors.
  8. High Pressure (HP) Turbine
    Two stage. Machanically coupled.
  9. Low Pressure (LP) Turbine
    • Six stages.
    • Aerodynamically coupled. Each blade is shrouded to prevent inter-stage air loss.
  10. High speed flexible coupling shaft
    links LP turbine to the Main reduction Gear (MRG)
  11. Enclosure Cooling system
    Air fan assembly for the modules.
  12. Fire Detection and Extinguishing system
    Ultra Violet sensors to detect fire inside the module.
  13. Describe the purpose of the Main Lube Oil (L/O) system
    Designed to deliver clean filtered lube oil, at the proper temperature (90-95 Deg F), and the proper pressure
  14. Gas Turbine L/O system
    Cools the Turbine oil via a cooler/heat exchanger at the LOSSCA
  15. Main Reduction Gear (MRG)
    The lube oil is pumped via 1 attached pump and 2 electric pumps (used to maintain pressure) to 30 bearings (4 thrust bearings, and 26 Journal bearings)
  16. Main thrust bearing
    Lubricated by the main L/O system, oil is then returned to the MRG Sump.

    • Lube Oil Service Pumps (LOSPs)
    • 3, 1 attached and 2 electric.
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