116 Pollution Abatement Fundamentals

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  1. Oil spill containment kit
    Located by vending machines STBD side forward and outside of the general workshop near main 1 air lock. Used to contain and clean up an fuel / lube oil spill
  2. Oily Water Separator (OWS)
    Located in AUX 2, Seperates water from oily waste.
  3. Oil content Monitor (OCM)
    Monitors the level of oily waste in the seperator
  4. Oily water transfer pumps
    Located in Main 1and 2, draw suction from secondary drainage system and holding tanks.
  5. How is oily waste transferred to the holding tanks on the pier for disposal.
    Deck connections located on Port and Starbord side mid-ships.
  6. Waste oil holding tank
    Located in Aux 2, used to hold seperated oily waste till it can be properly disposed of.
  7. Oily waste holding tank
    • Located in Aux 2, holds non seperated oily waste.
    • Oily waste drain tanks (located in Main 1 and Main 2) are used to collect and hold oily waste water prior to transfer to the oily waste holding tank..
  8. Plastic waste compactor
    Located in the trash disposal room, it melts plastic waste and compresses it into disks. Disks are to be held onboard till they can be properly disposed of. Also located in the trash disposal room is a plastic shredder, Can and Glass shredder and a large paper pulper.
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