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  1. What "time" Are anal glands located at?
    • 10 & 12
    • But can be lower
  2. Why should you wash the area with Accel after secreting anal glands?
    To keep the dog from licking it and throwing up due to ingesting the anal gland secretion
  3. How are anal glands normal secreted?
    When the animal deficates
  4. What "Time" are the opens to the anal glads located?
    4 and 8
  5. What is the normal color of secretion from anal sacs?
    a brown or tan and watery
  6. What are some abnormal anal sac secretions?
    • thick
    • any other color
    • chunky
  7. What is the basic plan for when an animal comes in with a ruptured anal gland?
    Express and fill with antibiotics
  8. Before giving a bath what should you do with the shampoo?
    Read the label for correct contact time, application, and if needed to be diluted
  9. How do you prep an animal for bath?
    Cotton balls in ears and ointment for eyes
  10. What is the basic procedure to bathing a dog? (five steps)
    • 1) place in tub and soak animal with warm water
    • 2) with palm size dollop of shampoo lather in hands
    • 3) work into and animal starting at the head and work towards the tail
    • 4) Rinse animal with a ruff and scruff motion to get to the under coat and continue until no more suds
    • 5) Dry, lift dog out with towel, and mark in file
  11. Procedure for dipping animals? (6 steps)
    • 1) Place in run or tub
    • 2) use ladle/cup to pour onto dog
    • 3) work dip into fur
    • 4) Use gauze or cloth to apply to muzzle and face
    • 5) Allow animal to air dry (unless otherwise directed)
    • 6) mark in file
  12. What is important to do before dipping an animal?
    Read the direction and dilute the dipping solution! All of them are different
  13. What are the three items we use to stop nail bleeding?
    • Styptic powder 
    • Quick stop
    • silver nitrate sticks
  14. What materials do you need before clipping nails?
    • Clippers
    • cotton balls or item to stop bleeding
    • courage!
  15. What should you do for each nail trim you do?
    • Use the same pattern (start with the same paw) for each nail trim
    • Watch for dew claws
    • have a restrainer
  16. Nail clipping procedure?
    • 1 paw at a time
    • gently squeeze paw to expose claw
    • after cutting the tip of the nail clip the sides
    • "Peel like a banana" and work around the nail towards the quick
    • showing a quick can push soft tissue back to have shorter nails
  17. what are the three layers of the nail?
    • Shell
    • soft tissue 
    • quick
  18. What are the three scales commonly used in clinics
    • Gram scale
    • baby scale
    • floor scale
  19. What does a gram scale measure with?
  20. what does a baby scale measure with?
    pounds and ounces
  21. what does a floor scale measure with?
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