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  1. Network
    group of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources and services
  2. LAN
    group of computers in a single location where all cabling belongs to the company
  3. WAN
    two or more LANs connected together using a telecommunication service such as T1, DSL, Cable,
  4. WLAN
    like Bluetooth, a wireless local area network that uses radio frequency technology to allow for communication among computers and devices, cell phone is WLAN technology
  5. MAN
    metropolitan area network
  6. PAN
    - Personal area network, ex. group of devices using bluetooth
  7. Role of computer in a network
    Server, client or peer
  8. Server
    give services (example is print server)
  9. Client
    Asks for services (example is web browser)
  10. Peer
    A computer that can be both a server or a client ex. file server gives a computer on the same network access to the file
  11. network medium?
    cable or wireless
  12. Protocols-
    set of rules that allows computer to communicate with each other (TCP/IP- protocol to be able to communicate on the Internet)
  13. Reason for setting up a network:
    File and Print, DHCP- service that gives out an IP address, DNS (domain naming service)- matches computer names to IP addresses, Security, E-mail, Web/Proxy (able to filter ex. students cannot access youtube but teachers can)
  14. Network types
    peer to peer- inexpensive, small network and client/server- corporate, secure and large
  15. Networking models
    a model to describe the different stages data goes through in order to go from one computer to another
  16. OSI networking models
    • or remember "All people seem to need data processing"
    • Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data link, Physical
  17. Port number
    identifies the service
  18. TCP/IP
    • every network includes a network card with:
    • Physical address (MAC address), Logical address (IP address), Logical Name (Domain name)
  19. Subnet mask
    tells the computer what portion of the IP address represents the network and which portion represents the computer within the network.
  20. Ethernet
    The most popular LAN network in use.
  21. MAC address
    the physical identifier, identifies the source and destination computer
  22. Ethernet LAN hardware
    switch (connectivity device) and router(connects network and subnetworks to create an internetwork)
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