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  1. symptoms that she experienced
    • can't breath when washing face
    • hands tickling
    • feet numb
    • tired
  2. apheresis
    • sep blood to components, red, white, platelets and plasma
    • sick part was plasma
  3. hemophiliac
    need extra platelets to properly clot blood
  4. central line
    tube in chest easier to access blood
  5. direct injection via tubing
    used cannula (hollow needle)
  6. 14 gauge
    used to rein fuse healthy cells
  7. how much plasma did she bled out?
    2 liters given back more than 2 liters
  8. wide bores or trauma lines
    13 and 14 gauge cannulae widest used and deliver fluid faster even than lines to the heart
  9. what kind of mixture was she given
    2 liters of albumin, 1/4 liters of fresh frozen llama, and saline
  10. eating what old produced pale and cloudy plasma bag
    french fries b/c lipids digested and released into plasma and bled out in apheresis machine
  11. what book does she recommend?
    catch 22 joseph heller had same disease
  12. who first observed disease when
    1859 Jean Landry
  13. paresthesia
    • abnormal sensations
    • feet got weak and paralyzed
    • numbness spreads upward to legs, torso and diaphragm
  14. first name
    Landry's ascending paralysis
  15. what are clinical observations
    • increase in spinal fluid protein (myelin)
    • guillain barre (paralysis from loss of myelin)
  16. cidp
    chronic idiopathic demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
  17. what does her bracelet say to take
  18. what percentage achieve complete recovery
    • 80%
    • 10% recover with severe disability
    • 2-3% death
  19. what forms in cancerous lungs and is black with necrotic tissue?
  20. what happens when she tells her doctors that she feels numbness in ab
    • doctors think it's indigestion, she reported heartburn as numbness
    • gave her bananas when she got better, it was b/c of the bananas
  21. dorsiflex
    to turn ankle and toes upward (feet dropped/slomped with flat feet)
  22. what is the progression of CIDP
    immune system develops antibodies, released into blood which delivered it to peripheral neurons
  23. what is the use of central lines
    centra lines to catheter to large vein (vena cava)
  24. benefits of central lines
    • faster (heart distributes them immediately)
    • more toxic fluids can be delivered (irritates smaller veins)
  25. antiemetic
    against vomiting and nausea
  26. what are the benefits of the new machine
    • blood warmer
    • continuously clean and infuse blood
  27. lumbar spine
    lower back here spine curves towards abdomen
  28. nerve conduction velocity test
    electrodes on skin above neurons, get shocked
  29. EMG
    • measures electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction
    • shocks with sensor
    • needles in muscles that nerves innervate
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