Spanish2 Test05 Reflexive Verbs Pretérito

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  1. me duché
    I showered

    • te duchaste
    • you showered
  2. se duchó
    he/she showered
  3. nos duchamos
    we showered
  4. se ducharon
    they/y’all showered
  5. me desperté
    I woke up
  6. te despertaste
    you woke up
  7. se despertó
    he/she woke up
  8. nos despertamos
    we woke up
  9. se despertaron
    they/y’all woke up
  10. me vestí
    I got dressed
  11. te vestiste
    you got dressed
  12. se vistió
    he/she got dressed
  13. nos vestimos
    we got dressed

    • se vistieron
    • they/y’all got dressed
  14. me sequé el pelo
    I dried my hair
  15. te secaste el pelo
    you dried your hair
  16. se secó el pelo
    he/she dried their hair
  17. nos secamos el pelo
    we dried our hair
  18. se secaron el pelo
    they/y’all dried the hair
  19. me levanté
    I got up
  20. te levantaste
    you got up
  21. se levantó
    he/she got up
  22. nos levantamos
    we got up
  23. se levantaron
    they/y’all got up
  24. me cepillé los dientes
    I brushed my teeth
  25. te cepillaste los dientes
    you brushed your teeth
  26. se cepilló los dientes
    he/she brushed their teeth
  27. nos cepillamos los dientes
    we brushed our teeth
  28. se cepillaron los dientes
    they/y’all brushed the teeth
  29. me lavé la cara
    I washed my face
  30. te lavaste la cara
    you washed your face
  31. se lavó la cara
    he/she washed their face
  32. nos lavamos la cara
    we washed our face
  33. se lavaron la cara
    they/y’all washed the face
  34. me acosté
    I went to bed
  35. te acostaste
    you went to bed
  36. se acostó
    he/she went to bed
  37. nos acostamos
    we went to bed
  38. se acostaron
    they/y’all went to bed
  39. me afeité
    I shaved
  40. te afeitaste
    you shaved
  41. se afeitó
    he/she shaved
  42. nos afeitamos
    we shaved
  43. se afeitaron
    they/y’all shaved
  44. me maquillé
    I put on makeup
  45. te maquillaste
    you put on makeup
  46. se maquilló
    he/she put on makeup
  47. nos maquillamos
    we put on makeup
  48. se maquillaron
    they/y’all put on makeup
  49. estoy despertándome
    I’m waking up
  50. estás despertándote
    you are waking up
  51. está despertándose
    he/she is waking up
  52. estamos despertándonos
    we’re waking up
  53. están despertándose
    they/y’all are waking up
  54. me estoy duchando
    I’m showering
  55. te estás duchando
    you are showering
  56. se está duchando
    he/she is showering
  57. nos estamos duchando
    we are showering
  58. se están duchando
    they/y’all are showering
  59. estoy vistiéndome
    I’m getting dressed
  60. estás vistiéndote
    you are getting dressed
  61. está vistiéndose
    he/she is getting dressed
  62. me estoy levantando
    I’m getting up
  63. te estás levantando
    you are getting up
  64. se está levantando
    he/she is getting up
  65. nos estamos levantando
    we are getting up
  66. se están levantando
    they/y’all are getting up

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