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  1. What are the benefits to communal sexual motivation?
    more satisfaction and commitment in the relationship
  2. What are the 4 processes of a self-concept change induced by a relationship?
    • self-expansion: adding to previously positive qualities
    • self-contraction: taking away previously positive qualities
    • self-pruning: taking away previously negative qualities
    • self-adulteration: adding negative qualities to the self-concept
  3. What is the michelangelo effect?
    suggests that close partners sculpt one another's selves, shaping one another's skills and traits and promoting versus inhibiting one another's goal pursuits
  4. How can a partner's perceptions and behavior actually "sculpt" an ideal self?
    If your partner's actual self is congruent to your ideal self then partner interaction over time your ideal self will become your actual self through
  5. What happens when sculpting is either successful or hindering to a person's ideal-self goals?
    • successful sculpting helps a person achieve their ideal-self goals
    • hindering sculpting will not help the achievement of ideal-self goals and partner will not enjoy relationship as much
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