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  1. _________ are reasons that an inference could be wrong.
    Threats to validity
  2. __________ validity concerns the validity of inferences that there truly is an empirical relationship, or correlation, b/w the presumed cause and the effect.
    statistical conclusion
  3. ________ validity concerns the validity of inferences that, given that an empirical relationship exists, it is the independent variable, rather than something else, that caused the outcome.
  4. ______ validity involves the validity of inferences "from the observed persons, settings, and cause-and-effect operations included in the study to the constructs that these instances might represent"
  5. ______ validity concerns whether inferences about observed relationships will hold over variations in persons, setting, time, or measures of the outcomes.
  6. The most effective method of controlling individual characteristics.
  7. _____ involves using information about people's characteristics to creates comparable groups.
    matching/paired matching
  8. _______ refers to the ability to detect true relationships among variables.
    statistical power
  9. ________ is achieved through accurate measuring tools, controls over confounding variables, and powerul statistical methods.
  10. __________ concerns the extent to which the implementation of an intervention is fatihful to its plan.
    intervention fidelity (treatment fidelity)
  11. A _________ assesses whether the tx was in place, was understood, or was perceived in an intended manner.
    manipulation check
  12. An issue where participants often fail to receive the desired intervention is due to lack of _________.
    treatment adherence
  13. ______ refers to processes occurring within participants during the course of the study as a result of the passage of time rather than as a result of the independent variable.
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