Soccer/Football Review

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  1. What is a kick off in soccer used for?
    • Starting the game (coin toss winner)
    • After a goal has been scored (by team that allowed goal)
    • To begin second half of play (by team that did not kick off to start game)
  2. How is the starting team in soccer determined?
    Coin toss.
  3. The ball (in soccer) is not in play until...
    ... it has traveled the distance of it's own circumference.
  4. Except for throw-ins, who is the only player in soccer allowed to use their hands to touch the ball?
    The goalkeeper.
  5. When can a player (in soccer) be declared offside?
    A player is declared offside if he is nearer his opponent's goal line than the ball at the moment the ball is played.
  6. A player (in soccer) cannot be ruled offside when...
    • He/she is in his/her own half of the field
    • There are at least two opponents nearer the goal line
    • An opponent last touched the ball
    • On a corner kick, free kick, or throw in
  7. When does a throw-in occur?
    Throw-ins occur when a ball goes out of bounds over the sideline.
  8. How must a ball in a soccer throw-in be thrown?
    From behind the head.
  9. Where must feet be during a soccer throw-in?
    On or behind the sideline.
  10. A soccer throw-in-er cannot play ball until...
    ... the ball has been touched by another player.
  11. When does a goal kick in soccer occur?
    When the ball is put out of play across the goal line by an attacking player.
  12. When does a corner kick in soccer occur?
    When the ball is put out of play across the goal line by an defending player.
  13. What are the three different types of goal kicks in soccer?
    Direct, indirect, and penalty.
  14. When can a soccer player take a direct free kick?
    After an intentional foul (eg. tripping, holding, hand ball, etc.). The player can score directly.
  15. When can a soccer player take an indirect free kick?
    Awarded following an obstruction, offside, dangerous play, or goalkeeper violation. The player cannot score directly.
  16. When can a soccer player take a penalty kick?
    When a team commits a foul in the penalty areas. A penalty kick is a direct kick from the penalty mark. When this occurs, all players must be outside the penalty area.
  17. What is the proper way to grip a football?
    3rd and 4th fingers on the crossing laces, thumb and index finger forming a "V".
  18. Where does the non-throwing hand support the football?
    On the opposite side to the throwing hand.
  19. How is the football set up for throwing?
    The ball must be brought up past the ear and behind the head.
  20. How do you step in when throwing a football?
    With the lead foot transferring weight from the rear foot.
  21. How do you release a football properly?
    Release the ball as high as possible above the head while snapping the wrist, and letting the ball roll off of fingers.
  22. If the football is caught below the chest...
    ... the little fingers of the hands are touching.
  23. If the football is caught above the chest...
    ... the thumbs of the hands are touching.
  24. When receiving a football, what should you not do?
    "Trap" the ball against the body; always catch the bal with the hands.
  25. What is "the long snap" in football, also referred to?
    The "shotgun".
  26. What is the long snap in football used for?
    The pass is used at the beginning of an offensive series to create space between the quarterback and the defense, allowing the receivers time to run their designated routes.
  27. How is the long snap in football set up?
    The "center" extends arms out in front of the body, holding the ball with the tip touching the ground. The center rolls the passing hand under the front of the ball, and the other hand on the top of the ball.
  28. How is the long snap in football done?
    The center pulls the ball through his/her legs and releases, aiming for the QB's chest.
  29. What are the six passing routes in football?
    Post, Down and Out (or Square Out), Down and In (or Square In), Button Hook, Fly, and Corner.
  30. What does the post passing route in football look like?
    Image Upload
  31. What does the Down and Out (or Square Out) passing route look like?
    Image Upload
  32. What does the Down and In (or Square In) passing route look like?
    Image Upload
  33. What does the Button Hook passing route look like?
    Image Upload
  34. What does the Fly passing route look like?
    Image Upload
  35. What does the Corner passing route look like?
    Image Upload
  36. What should the defense of a team do when a ball is thrown?
    Try to intercept the pass or knock the ball away from the receiver(s).
  37. How should defensive people move?
    Back peddling, never crossing feet (shuffle step)
  38. Defense should try to maintain...
    ..."cushion" between self and receiver (5 yards) until the ball is thrown.
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