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  1. Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children
    6 mo - 12. Assess cognitive development, consideration for handicapped, learning disabled, & minorities
  2. House Tree Person
    Projective for intelligence & personality test - inner conflicts, intellectual capability
  3. Columbia Mental Maturity Scale
    Age 3-10. Overall reasoning in children. No verbal response, all pictures
  4. Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
    Also assesses dep symtpoms w/ ppl who have schiz or bipolar, emphasizes somatic symtpoms
  5. Milon Adolescent Personality Inventory
    Adolescents, Personal conflicts, confusion about self, acting out, underachievement
  6. System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment
    Children 5-11. Nondiscriminatory assessment medical, social, and pluralistic systems… intelligence, social skills, somatic symptoms, development
  7. Vineland Adaptive Behavioral Scales
    Birth to 18 & low-functioning adults. Social functioning of handicapped and non-handicapped. Communication, daily living, socialization, motor skills
  8. Vineland Social Maturity Scale
    Assess level of handicap, Ability of students with developmental disabilities to function socially, literacy and numbers, occupational competencies
  9. Detroit test of Learning Aptitude
    Complete exploration of cognitive function, language, attention, motor activities
  10. Minnesota MMPI Adolescent
    Adolescents 14-18. Personality and emotional disorders
  11. Goldman Fristoe Woodcock test of Auditory Discrimination
    3 and older. Ability to distinguish speech from noise and quiet
  12. Peabody Individual Achievement Test
    5-18, typically K-12. Academic achievement test
  13. Peabody Picture Vocabulary test
    Children. test for verbal intelligence
  14. Luria-Nebraska Neuropsych Battery
    15+. Evaluate neurologically impaired individuals; motor, speech, writing, memory, etc to separate brain damage from pseudo neurological. (CONVERSION DISORDER!!!)
  15. Childrens Apperception Test
    ages 3-11. Project inner feeling onto external world, assesses personality
  16. Childrens WISC
    intelligence, ability to understand and cope with world around them
  17. Carroll depression
    Adults only
  18. Sequenced Inventory of Communication Development
    4 mos to 4 years. Language assessment of communication functioning
  19. California Psychological Inventory
    • 13 or older.
    • To forecast what a person will say or do under defined conditions: poise, character, potential for accomplishment, intelligence, confidence.
  20. Zung Depression
  21. Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT)
    Assesses 5-11 or 12-64. The 3 Rs, determine learning disabilities
  22. Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT)
    Childrne mainly, Ages 4+. verbal cognitive ability
  23. Halstead-Reitan Neuro Test Battery
    Evaluate brain-behavior function to assess neuro cognitive or brain disorders
  24. Carrow Elicited Language Inventory
    Assessment of speech and language development focusing on morphology and syntax
  25. Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
    Calculate psychotic and non-psychotic symptoms in major psych disorders
  26. Brigance Life Skills Incenory
    Assesses listening, speaking, 3 Rs within everyday situations
  27. Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test
    4-85+. Visual motor ability  & cognitive developments, mainly in minors over 4
  28. Child Behavior Checklist
    Behavior problems and social competence in children as reported y parents, ages 1 thru 18
  29. Key Math Diagnostic Arithmetic Test
  30. Slosson Intelligence Test - Primary
    Assesses children’s intelligence; ages 2-8. Screen for kids at risk of acdemic failyure. Verbal and performance
  31. Beck Anxiety
  32. Beck Depression
  33. Beck Hopelessness
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