CIS111E Chapter 6 What-If Analysis

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  1. Variable (p. 378)
    A value that can change to see how that change affects other values.
  2. What-If Analysis (p. 378)
    The process of changing variables to observe how changes affect calculated results.
  3. One-Variable Data Table (p. 378)
    A data analysis tool that provides various results based on changing one variable.
  4. Two-Variable Data Table (p. 382)
    A data analysis tool that provides results based on changing two variables
  5. Goal Seek (p. 389)
    A tool that identifies the necessary input value to obtain a desired goal.
  6. Scenario (p. 390)
    A set of values that represent a possible situation.
  7. Scenario Manager (p. 390)
    Enables you to define and manage scenarios to compare how they affect results.
  8. Scenario Summary Report (p. 392)
    A worksheet that contains scenario results.
  9. Add-Ins (p. 398)
    A program that can be added to Excel to provide enhanced functionality
  10. Optimization models (p. 398)
    Finds the highest, lowest, or exact value for one particular result by adjusting values for selected variables.
  11. Objective Cell (p. 399)
    The cell that contains the formula-base value that you want to maximize, minimize, or set to a value in Solver.
  12. Changing variable cells (p. 399)
    A cell containing a variable whose value changes until Solver optimizes the value in the objective cell.
  13. Constraints (p. 400)
    A limitation that imposes restrictions on Solver.
  14. Binding Constraint (p. 402)
    A constraint that Solver enforces to reach the target value.
  15. Nonbinding constraint (p. 403)
    A constraint that does not restrict the target value that Solver finds.
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