121 Steering Fundamentals

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  1. Aft Steering Control Unit (ASCU)
    Located in Aft Steering, Forward bulkhead at the ships centerline
  2. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
    There are four of them located in Aft Steering, 2 port and 2 starbord
  3. Local Control Unit (LCU)
    • There are four of them. They are located in Aft Steering, forward bulkhead
    • 1A and 1B on the starbord side, and 2A and 2B located on the port side.
  4. Ram and follow-up assemblies
    • One set port side, one set starboard side.
    • Each set consists of a double ended single acting ram and a follow-up assembly
  5. Emergency steering hand pumps
    Located just aft of the HPU's on the starbord side. Approx 27-30 revolutions per degree of movement

    • Computer assisted auto
    • Auto uses gyro and speed inputs to maintain course.
    • Control can be maintained on the BSU and at the ASCU.
  6. BSU
    Bridge Steering Unit
  7. Computer assisted manual
    Operator uses manual steering wheel. All commands are processed by a UYK-44 computer and trasmitted over DMS. Control can be maintained at the BSU or the ASCU
  8. Backup manual
    Operator uses manual steering wheel and all steering commands are transmitted to each LCU by hard wire connections. Control can be maintained at the BSU or ASCU.
  9. Emergancy Steering
    Operator steers via a helm order control knob, at the LCU's. Control can only be maintained in aft steering.
  10. Emergency manual steering
    One rudder at a time is controlled by electric or hand pump. Controlled only from aft steering.
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