Chapter 18 Vocabulary Words : Providing Care for People with Cognitive Changes and Dementia

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  1. 1. Acute condition
    An illness or injury that develops rapidly and usually resolves completely after a period of time with treatments.
  2. 2. Quadriplegia
    Paralysis that affects both arms, the trunk, and both legs.
  3. 3. Metastasize
    The spreading of Cancerous cells to other parts of the body other than where the cancer originated.
  4. 4. Arthritis
    A condition that causes joints to become inflamed, swollen, stiff and painful.
  5. 5. Hypoglycemia
    Excessively low blood glucose levels
  6. 6. Hemiparesis
    Weakness on one side
  7. 7. Asthma
    An illness in which certain substances or conditions, called "triggers," cause inflammation and construction of the airways, making breathing difficult.
  8. 8. Osteoporosis
    A disease in which loss of bone tissue causes the bones to become very fragile and prone to breaking.
  9. 9. Angina
    Chest pain that occurs because of the heart is not getting enough oxygen.
  10. 10. Dialysis
    A treatment that replaces the function of the kidneys by removing waste products and excess fluid from the body.
  11. 11. Hypertension
    A disorder characterized by chronically high blood pressure.
  12. 12. Anxiety
    A feeling of unease, dread, or worry.
  13. 13. Pneumonia
    Inflammation of the lungs
  14. 14. Insulin
    A hormone that causes glucose to be moved from the bloodstream into the cells.
  15. 15. Aspiration pneumonia
    Pneumonia that occurs when foreign material (such as food or vomit) is inhaled into the lungs.
  16. 16. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    A term used to describe lung disorders that make it difficult for air to enter or leave the lungs.
  17. 17. Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    A chronic neurologic disorder that gradually destroys the protective coating on the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.
  18. 18. Hemiplegia
    Paralysis on one side
  19. 19. Chronic heart failure
    A condition that occurs when the heart is damaged or weak and is unable to effectively pump blood throughout the body.
  20. 20. Benign
  21. 21. Paraplegia
    Paralysis that affects both legs and the lower trunk.
  22. 22. Influenza
    A highly contagious viral infection that affects the respiratory tract.
  23. 23. Pulse oximetry
    A technique used to measure the oxygen levels in a person's blood.
  24. 24. Radiation
    The use of high-energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells.
  25. 25. Parkinson's disease
    A neurologic disorder characterized by muscle tremors and difficulty with movement due to insufficient amounts of dopamine.
  26. 26. Diabetes
    A disorder characterized by the body's inability to process glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream
  27. 27. Paralysis
    The loss of movement and sensation
  28. 28. Hyperglycemia
    Excessively high blood glucose levels
  29. 29. Kidney (renal) failure
    A inability of the kidneys to filter waste products from the blood.
  30. 30. Cancer
    The abnormal growth of new cells that crowd out or destroy other body tissues.
  31. 31. Depression
    A mental health disorder characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness.
  32. 32. tumor
    A solid mass of tissue
  33. 33. Malignant
  34. 34. Chemotherapy
    The use of drugs to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells.
  35. 35. Suicide
    The act of deliberately taking one's own life.
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