GEM Confusing Word Test 1

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  1. He (a) acceded (b)exceeded to the terms of the will even though he did not inherit the house.
    (a) acceded
  2. Joan likes music of all kinds (a) accept (b) except she does not like jazz.
    (b) except
  3. Kyle had an (a) adverse (b) averse reaction to the medicine and was sick all night.
    (a) adverse
  4. Some people exercise to (a) access (b) excess once they start a diet and exercise program.
    (b) excess
  5. Sometimes when you analyze a situation, you may need to evaluate the concepts of cause and (a) affect (b) effect.
    (b) effect
  6. When we arrived for the party, Susan had the food (a) all ready (b) already.
    (a) all ready
  7. It is (a) all right (b) alright if you complete Part A before Part B because the order does not matter.
    (a) all right
  8. Unless you are going to (a) altar (b) alter the design, just use the standard template.
    (b) alter
  9. When the adjuster was done with his estimates he (a) appraised (b) apprised the owner of the costs.
    (b) apprised
  10. The (a) ascent (b) assent of the hill was not that great.
    (a) ascent
  11. Wesley attended the meeting to (a) assure (b) ensure (c) insure his opinions were heard.
    (b) ensure
  12. While you are in Sacramento, I recommend that you visit the (a) capital (b) capitol building.
    (b) capitol
  13. During his presentation James (a) cited (b) sited (c) sighted numerous passages from the Constitution.
    (a) cited
  14. Burlap is a (a) coarse (b) course material.
    (a) coarse
  15. For his outstanding contributions to the committee, Micah was rewarded with (a) complementary (b) complimentary tickets to a musical.
    (b) complimentary
  16. About five minutes after fainting I became (a) conscience (b) conscious again.
    (b) conscious
  17. Because of the teacher’s steady (a) council (b) counsel, no accidents occurred in the lab.
    (b) counsel
  18. Although the answer sounded (a) credible (b) creditable, an important detail was missing; therefore the answer was wrong.
    (a) credible
  19. Select one choice from (a) or (b) and one choice from (c) or (d):

    The soldier (a) deserted his (b) desserted his (c) desert in the dessert because he was not hungry. (d) dessert in the desert because he was not hungry.
    • a/d
    • The soldier deserted his dessert in the desert because he was not hungry.
  20. The (a) device (b) devise was very useful.
    (a) device
  21. The instructions were to (a) disburse (b) disperse the news across the campus.
    (b) disperse
  22. Because he was found guilty of (a) elicit (b) illicit acts, Percival was sent to prison.
    (b) illicit
  23. Please put the letter in a sealed (a) envelop (b) envelope.
    (b) envelope
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