Environmental Issues

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  1. Ecosystems
    All the living, non-living and climatic conditions of a place are interconnected.

    The Earth is a complex ecosystem which consists of smaller sub-ecosystems.
  2. Ecosystem Effects
    If a part of an ecosystem is exhausted, it affects the whole ecosystem.

    It relies on the interrelationship between all of its animals, plants and other resources; we should all be concerned about anything that threatens the quality, health or sustainability of the factors that make up a complete ecosystem.
  3. Sustainability
    Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  4. Sustainability Types
    Environmental - consumption of natural resources does not outstrip regeneration (Aboriginals and land).

    Economic - Resources managed in a manner which maintains production opportunities in the future.

    Social - The link between human capital and sustainable business.

    Cultural - Act in a manner which allows for cultural differences/diversity; maintain culture.
  5. Interrelatedness
    Social sustainability is inextricably linked to environmental sustainability (affordable, convenient public transport = less private vehicles, less pollution).

    Social sustainability is linked to economic sustainability (increased employee well-being = more productivity and efficiency from employees).
  6. Changing the way we Think

    Transport choice shifts.

    Pricing, taxes, rationing.

    City design, infrastructure.

    Other petroleum fuels.

    Non-petroleum fuels.
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