Chapter 5 W430 exam 2

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  1. what are different data gathering methods? Pros and cons of each? When are each appropriate?
    • there are many different selection methods when gathering data. NO one way must choose nature of the problem.
    • Primary- you create survey,interviews
    • Secondary- already existing
  2. Things to remember when we do a survey/questionnaire, when do we interview?
    • Validity- does something measure what it's suppose too.
    • Reliability- consistency 
    • Survey/questionnaire- these are the most frequently used method to gather info. 1) they help identify areas that need improvement. 2) Facilitate dialogue between manager and employee.
    • Interview- they are flexible and they are the only one that has two way communication
  3. Analysis of data and evaluation of the overall data collection process.
    • Implementation of data collection
    •   decide from whom data will be obtained
    •       -how do we make this decision?
    • Analysis of the data
    •   techniques used to analyze data dictated   by method used to gather data
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of data collection
  4. types of diagnostic models? what is involved in each?
    • Differentiation-and-Integration model- looks at interdepartmental issues
    • Sociotechnical systems- two interrelated systems in organization; the social and technical
    • Force-Field analysis- behavior balance between forces working in opposite direction
    • Fishbone-

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