A&P Lab Quiz 3 (2)

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  1. Are shorter in length in transverse section. Also exhibit branching, which gives individual ___ muscle fibers a "stair step" appearance. 50-100 um long and has a diameter of about 14 um
    cardiac muscle
  2. spindle shaped (thickest in the middle and tapering at both ends), non striated fibers with with one centrally located nucleus; involuntary control
    smooth muscle
  3. Long, cylindrical, striated fibers with many peripherally located nuclei; voluntary control.
    skeletal muscle
  4. the motor neuron forms a flat branching plate called a 'motor end plate. The myelin sheath stops just short of the branching presynaptic terminal.
    Neuromuscular junction
  5. branched striated fibers with one or two centrally located nuclei; contains interrelated disc; involuntary control.
    cardiac muscle
  6. location/function of cardiac muscle
    heart wall; pumps blood into all parts of the body
  7. cells that contain a single central nucleus. The cells stick together and are connected by specialised cell junctions, called gap junctions.The cells are spindle shaped, and the nucleus is central.
    smooth muscle
  8. Iris of the eye, walls of the hollow internal structures such as blood vessels, airways to the lungs, stomach, intestines, gallbladder, urinary bladder, and uterus; function?
    smooth muscle (location),motion
  9. Motion, posture, heat production, and protection
    function of skeletal muscle
  10. usually attached to bones by tendons
    location of skeletal muscle
  11. moves joints by strong and rapid contractions.Each muscle is a bundle of muscle fibres, each of which is a long multinucleated cell.
    skeletal muscle
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