How To's of Oral Medication and Enema

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  1. Which to fingers hold a pill for oral administration?
    the index and thumb
  2. On a Canine how do you grasp the upper jaw of a dog for a pill administration?
    • roll the lips over the teeth or above 
    • grasp behind the canine teeth
  3. Once jaw is open and head tilt back how do you administer a pill to a canine? 
    (what is the hand holding the pill doing)
    • Middle finger opens bottom jaw
    • follow pill down w/ finger/hand
    • clothes mouth and watch swallow
    • release to see if they cough up pill
  4. how far should you tilt a cats head back?
    until the bottom jaw "hangs"
  5. Once a cats jaw is loose, how do you administer the pill?
    • Use middle finger to pull open jaw
    • quickly drop pill to the back of the throat 
    • close and message throat , blow nose
    • let go and see if cat spits it out
  6. Whats a good signs cat has swallowed the pill?
    They lick their nose
  7. What are the four types of oral medication?
    • tablet (dry powder)
    • capsule (dissolvable container)
    • liquide (solution)
    • paste (wipe onto roof of animals mouth)
  8. When using a Balling gun to administer oral medication what should you do to the gina and bolus?
    use mineral oil to lubricate for easy swallowing and insertion
  9. Which hand hold the Balling gun and which hand reaches over animals head and grabs animal?
    • Balling Gun: Dominant hand
    • Reaches over: Non Dominant
  10. On a cow, when giving a bolus, how do you grasp the jaw?
    Insert fingers into mouth at commissure of lips and lift up
  11. After restraining a cow for a bolus how do you insert the Balling gun?
    • Insert gun straight into mouth running against the hard pallet
    • move in until you feel it bump against the esophageal groove
    • push plunger and remove gun
  12. After administering a bolus to a cow how should you release the animal?
    • lower head slowly so the cow does not buck at you
    • watch to make sure it doesn't upheave pill
  13. How do you administer liquid medication to a small animal?
    • lift animal lip between molars and commissure of lip
    • place plunger into area
    • push plunger gently to allow animal time to drink
  14. When giving a liquid or paste to a horse what is important to do?
    Not let the horse see it coming
  15. When giving a cleansing enema what do you generally use?
    • warm, soapy water
    • glycerin/water solution
  16. When giving a retention enema what do you generally use?
    • barium
    • emollient (moisturizing/softening solution)
    • nutritive 
    • oil
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