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  1. Official standards of government agencies such as licensing boards must be followed/punishable
  2. Official statements of government, professional, or voluntary agencies that provide guidelines for best practices
  3. Promotes and enforces workplace standards to protect the health and safety of workers
    Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA)
  4. Protect human and environmental health
    Environmental protection agency (EPA)
  5. Regulates area such as food, drugs, and medical/dental devices
    Food and drug administration (FDA)
  6. Recommendations regarding best practices to protect human health and prevent diseases
    Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC)
  7. Component of CDC; responsible for conducting research
    National institute for occupational safety & health (NIOSH)
  8. Advocacy, standards, policies, recommendations and programs to safeguard public oral health
    American dental association (AMA)
  9. Global nonprofit association of dental professionals
    Organization for safety & asepsis (OSAP)
  10. Nonprofit national dental organization that evaluates dental materials, devices, and concepts for effectiveness and clinical usefulness
    Clinical research associates foundation (CRA)
  11. Discovered cell theory; 1665
    Robert Hooke
  12. Microorganisms in a drop of rain water; first person to study microorganisms; "animalcules"; 1673
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
  13. Showed that only life can be generated from existing life of the same species; sterilized milk pasteurization; showed fermentation during baking and brewing caused microorganisms; 1864
    Louis Pasteur
  14. Identified anthrax and tuberculosis and is credited for developing germ theory; 1881
    Robert Koch
  15. Penicillin; 1st antibiotic; 1928
    Alexander Fleming
  16. What happens if dental offices fail to comply with safety regulations?
    Subject to enforcement through means as fines, license suspension or revocation or imprisonment
  17. Thickness of cells for biofilm on the surface of teeth?
  18. Herpes simplex type II is transmitted how?
    Sexual contact
  19. Type of herpes virus that occurs in mucous membranes of the mouth and lips
    Herpes simplex type I
  20. Bacterium can divide how often?
    Every 20 minutes
  21. Branch of science concerned with the study of living organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye?
  22. Contaminated (infectious waste and sharps) and hazardous?
    Regulated waste
  23. General waste
  24. Written document that provides comprehensive information about a single chemical
    Material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  25. Can Dental Assistants decline the hepatitis B vaccine?
  26. Droplet transmission (inhalation transmission) occurs through contaminated spray and spatter from use of high speed hand piece?
  27. Can the use of rubber dam reduce the number of microorganisms?
  28. Can exposure to blood in any situation be a risk of hepatitis B and hepatitis C?
  29. Antibiotic effective on viral infection?
  30. Disease producing microorganisms?
  31. ADA?
    American Dental Association
  32. ADAA?
    American Dental Assistant Association
  33. CDC?
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  34. CRA?
    Clinical Research Associates
  35. EPA?
    Environmental Protection Agency
  36. FDA?
    Food and Drug Administration
  37. NIOSH?
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  38. OSAP?
    Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures
  39. OSHA?
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  40. ISO?
    International Standards Organization
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