Data Processing Midterm

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  1. How do you delete all files that are using a .tmp extension?
  2. How do you delete all EXCEL files?
  3. Rename folder NEW to OLD
  4. Rename folder Docs to BackUp
    REN C:\Docs BackUp
  5. Copy all executable files from C:\ to D:\Programmes
    XCOPY C:\*.exe D:\Programmes
  6. Move all files whose names begin with W from C:\ to D:\Backup
    MOVE C:\W*.* D:\BackUp
  7. Set read only attribute to the document.docx of C:
    ATTRIB +R C:\document.docx
  8. Move all files whose names begin with W from C:\ to D:\BackUp
    MOVE C:\w*.* D:\BackUp
  9. What are the three most important characteristics of a new computer?
    Proccesor frequency, ram memory, capacity of Hard disk
  10. What is tall memory?
    Tall Memory (virtual memory) – created memory – space allocated in hard disk
  11. What is a driver?
    Driver: Small program that allows operating system to recognise and use connected hardware
  12. Can you create more than 4 primary partitions?
    No! (4 is the maximum primary partitions that we can have!)
  13. How many primary partitions are there?
  14. Can you activate more than 1 partition?
  15. I can create more than one extended partition?
  16. Can I create more than 10 logical partitions?
    Yes (Although it depends on the letters)
  17. Can you convert NTFS patitions to file, delete and resize?
  18. When talking about partition we have NTFS and FAT, can we convert?
  19. Can I delete partition?
  20. What is the advantage the use a signed driver (signed by Microsoft)?
    The advantage to use a signed driver is to end possibility to have automatic update, and higher security, as well as support from Microsoft
  21. What are the three types of partitions?
    Primary, logical and extended
  22. What are the three types of Windows installation?
    Update, clean installation and migration
  23. What is the name of the program we use for migration?
    Easy transfer
  24. What do we mean when we talk 'migration', at least when it comes to Windows?
    A type of installation. For example: Migration Services designed to efficiently move your organization to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  25. What do we do if our peripheral doesn’t work?
    Roll back the driver
  26. What is defragmentation?
    All parts of files together or near. Defragmentation is to organise files.
  27. Give an example of NTFS permission and share permission
    Image Upload
  28. Shared permission is most commonly used for what?
    Printers and folders
  29. Between the following three, what is most like full control - – print, manage printer and manage document?
    Manage printer.
  30. For the folder, what is the shared permission?
    full control, change, read.
  31. Let's say that in my company, I want to give myself access to everything; but, I want to give my customers minimum permissions. I want my customers to ONLY be able to modify/change their own documents. How would I set this up? What would the settings for share/NTFS look like?
    Image Upload
  32. How do you upgrade windows 32 bits to 64 bits?
    Clean installation.
  33. Your company bought 10 new computers, all 10 computers have all the same configurations, what is the fastest way to install the operating system to all computers?
    1.Install operating system in 1 computer

    2.Create Image File

    3.Using Image file, Upgrade other computers
  34. You need to buy a new motherboard. What characteristics to you need to check?
    Before you buy the montherboard you need to know what type of processor you have, you need to know what type of socket, and system bus or front side bus.

    • So basically:
    • select type of socket (What kind of processor can you install)

    System bass, speed . internal speed of motherboard
  35. What are the basic Windows installation steps?
    1. We need to have DVD or USB (boot) with OS.

    2. BIOS, Change start up option,

    3. Select disk, create a partition, format, install

    • 4. Drivers
    • - Chipset (motherboard)
    • - network               
    • - Update OS               
    • - video (graphic card)               
    • -  sound                
    • - etc (printer, webcam)
  36. What are basic maintenance steps for your PC?
    • Everyday
    • Delete temporary files (internet and system) from your OS.

    • Every week:
    • check Windows update

    • Every month
    • Defrag

    • Every 6 months
    • Clean your computer (physically)
  37. What is Bootrec.exe/fixMBR ?
    A program used to repair the computer. More specifcally, with fixMBR, it's to patch-up the Master Boot Record.
  38. In what situations should we use Additional Start Up options?
    for troubleshooting operation system problems with new installed drivers .

    when you cant rollback.

    Change resolution of screen,
  39. How do we return to a previous state?
    Safe mode or reboot advanced options old resolution then reinstall
  40. Can you activate/use no name drivers?
  41. How can you use the cmd to fix a hard disk error?
    • Fix hard disk error:
    • Check disk
    • chkdsk /f
  42. Image Upload
    Image Upload
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