European Explorers

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  1. Who was Sir Francis Drake ?
    An English explorer who traveled completely around the world.
  2. Who was Marco Polo ?
    An Italian explorer who traveled to Asia and China looking for spices.
  3. Who was Christopher Columbus ?
    An Italian explorer who sailed for Spain and discovered the New World .
  4. Who was Francisco Pizarro ?
    A Spanish explorer who conquered the Incan natives that lived in Peru .
  5. Who was Hernan Cortes ?
    A Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs that lived in mexico.
  6. Who was John Cabot ?
    An English who discovered the coast of Canada and set up the first European colony in Canada.
  7. Who was Jacques Cartier ?
    A French explorer who made alliances with the natives of Canada and set up a French colony in Canada.
  8. Who was Henry Hudson ?
    An English explorer who discovered the Hudson Bay and Hudson Rivers in Canada.
  9. Who was Captain James Cook ?
    An English explorer who discovered the continent of Australia and set up a penal colony there.
  10. Who was Prince Henry the Navigator ?
    A member of the Portuguese royal family who established a school that taught people how to navigate the seas.
  11. Who was Vasco de Gama ?
    A Portuguese explorer who found a sea route from Portugal to Asia by going south around Africa.
  12. Who was Juan Ponce De Leon ?
    A Spanish explorer who was the first European to explore the state of Florida.
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